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Recording Studio Windows   Our brochure on our new recording studio product line.   Our vertical, slanted and operable studio windows and our studio sliding glass doors all have STC values in the 60’s.  We set the new standard for high STC values that match or exceed the wall STCs.

Steel Door Brochure   Our new award winning soundproof steel door is breaking records and setting higher standards for soundproofing.  Our soundproof door is 1.75″ thick and has an STC value of 56+ (the previous world record was STC 53).  Our soundproof door uses standard door hardware instead of the more expensive thick door hardware that our competitors must use.  Check out our new soundproof steel doors – the advances and the clear soundproofing advantages are now available.

Architect Brochure   Our AIA (American Institute of Architects) brochure with some technical details about our soundproof windows, including STC ratings, drawings and LEED referenced energy performance.

Hotel Brochure with Documented Energy Savings   This brochure shows pictures of various hotel installations. We also document the energy savings achieved in a one year comparison study of energy savings from a Houston hotel.

Home Show Flyer   A 4-page flyer that we hand out at home shows.

Drawing Files


Casement Windows PDF DWG
Horizontal Sliding Window, 2-Panel PDF DWG
Horizontal Sliding Window, 3-Panel PDF DWG
Removable Picture/Stationary Window PDF DWG
Single-Hung Window PDF DWG
Sliding Glass Door PDF
Frame Installation Details PDF DWG
Steel Door Drawing PDF


Soundproof studio window and detailed soundproof door drawings are available upon request. Please click here to request additional drawings.


Acoustic Studies and STC Lab Test Reports

STC Lab Test Results for Soundproof Windows  A report showing STC lab results for 50 tests performed on our Soundproof Windows paired with various other windows in combination. This report details how our windows achieve STC values from 45 to over 60. An excellent source of test data for your library.

Steel Door Complete Acoustical Testing Study  This report is a 54 page study of our soundproof steel door acoustical tests. It documents very extensive test details of what, where and how we ran our tests. We tested our soundproof steel doors at a new world class lab, and also had the lab and our results separately and independently verified at the same time.

STC Lab Test Results for Recording Studio Windows STC Lab Test Results for Recording Studio Windows  This table shows the results of our STC testing for our new recording studio line of windows and sliding glass doors.

Dual Pane, 1/8″ over 1/8″ Glass, 3″ Air Space

Single Pane, 1/4″ Glass, 3″ Air Space

Single Pane, 1/8″ Glass, 2″ Air Space

Sliding Glass Door

Other tests are available. Please click here to request additional tests. For more photos and information about professional acoustic home recording studios please visit our Soundproof Studio website.

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