Soundproofing Case Studies

Soundproof Windows has many satisfied customers. This section of our website details real life situations where soundproofing and soundproofing windows have solved the noise problems of some of our residential and commercial customers.

What is the Best Way to Reduce Noise?

The best way to soundproof your windows in your home, studio, or workspace is to install Soundproof Windows, plain and simple! Now you can sleep late, enjoy solitude, and reduce stress. In short, you can make your home your silent oasis. Soundproof Windows will significantly reduce the noise levels without compromising style. Your windows will look better than ever before. A Soundproof Window uses cutting-edge technology to dramatically reduce the noise in your environment and improve your quality of life. Acoustically engineered to act as a sound barrier, Soundproof Windows offer most of the benefits of dual-pane replacement windows and several benefits not available with replacement windows. Learn more about how Soundproof Windows work. Installation available everywhere in the US.  Also available in Canada. You can get virtually ALL the... Read More →

Condominium Complex Soundproofing

Soundproof Windows work well in residential soundproofing, and commercial building soundproofing. Find out how soundproofing helped reduce traffic noise in this downtown Los Angeles complex. A multi-million dollar project taking 3 years to complete, the Mozaic Apartments, developed by Lincoln Properties, were justified in describing their intentions as follows: It’s our goal to bring a designer lifestyle to downtown Los Angeles apartment living. From our roof top pool to our Internet café, Mozaic apartments set the standard in a luxury apartment community. And they go on to say: Mozaic features a variety of studio, one, and two bedroom floor plans. Each apartment includes washer and dryers, granite countertops, premium appliances, and many units enjoy floor to ceiling windows and private balconies. Soundproofing Required Read on... Read More →

Freeway Noise Soundproofing

Find out how Soundproof Windows helped this frustrated homeowner sell his home by stopping the traffic noise. The Traffic Noise was too Loud Please click on the photos below to see close ups. A Typical Northern California Freeway There was nothing wrong with the home other than being situated next to a noisy freeway with an estimated 67,000 commuters per day! A beautiful dining room, with a noisy freeway in the background. Rush hour traffic. View from the back of the house. Approach to the house from freeway.   Solution to Traffic Noise Mr. B. decided to have Soundproof Windows installed and took the house off the market because of the traffic noise. As you can see from the photos, this was quite a job... Read More →

Save Energy

Have Energy Efficient Windows Without Replacing Existing Windows Energy Efficient Windows Added Air Leak Test Conducted With Mr. W.’s permission, after adding our energy efficient windows to his existing windows, his home was tested by Sierra Energy Professionals to determine the amount of air leakage. Sierra Energy Professionals found that Soundproof Windows act as energy efficient windows, by significantly reducing the amount of air flow leakage and infiltration. Quality of Life Improvement from Energy Efficient Windows Mr. W. knew about the soundproofing features of the windows, but had no idea this kind of improvement in energy savings could be experienced without replacing his existing windows: “The addition of your windows to our home has been a phenomenal success for soundproofing and saving energy. We live... Read More →