Measuring Your Windows

Window Measurement Form

Window measuring diagram

The measurement form can be filled out using Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, or by hand; it can then be printed and faxed to us, or emailed to us. Most browsers already have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed. If you don’t have it, click here to download Adobe® Acrobat® Reader now.

If you need assistance with the form, please don’t hesitate to call us at 877.438.7843.

Click here to view and print the form.

Steps to Fill Out the Form

Here are some tips to assist you with filling out the form:

  • Label the location of each window. This makes it easy to identify and separate when the windows arrive.
  • Measure the width and the height in three different places, as shown. Measure the inside window opening to 1/16th of an inch.
  • What color would you like the window frame to be?
  • Describe the type of window it is.
  • Is there a window sill?
  • Depth of window. How many inches from your existing window to the inside wall (see illustration)?

Window graphic

Fax the Form to Our Office

Please fax the form(s) toll-free, to: 877.226.4063

…Or Email Form From Adobe® Acrobat®

Click the green “Email Form” button at the bottom of the form.

Note: not all browsers support the “Email Form” button; you may need to save it to your computer and email separately.

The email address and subject will be filled in for you. Or, you can click the email icon on the Acrobat toolbar. Be sure to send it to:

Window Types

This page is intended as a description of different window types in general.

Vertically Opening Windows

Sliding Windows


Soundproof Window Framing and Mounting Variations

There are many frame combinations available that will allow us to mount our Soundproof Windows to virtually any wall surface.
The drawings below represent our most common mounting combinations. Regardless of frame selected, they will “disappear” and seem to be part of your existing window. Our near-invisible frames are excellent for historical preservation projects.

Note: the existing windows are not shown in the illustrations below.





Color for existing wall
Wall (existing window not shown)
Color for Soundproof Window frame
Soundproof Window Frame
Color for foam/gasket material
Foam/Gasket Material
Color for window track
Window Track
Color for caulking joint
Caulking Joint
Color for glass panel
Glass Panel (tightly seals and is movable/removable)
Graphic for attaching screw
Attaching Screw