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What Are the Cheapest Options for Soundproofing a Boardroom?

You have a few! Are you asking yourself what the cheapest options for soundproofing a boardroom are? Well, look no further. Soundproof Windows is the cheapest options for soundproofing your boardroom on the market today. We stop the noise. The constant distraction of noise can interfere with your work and cause miscommunication and frustration in the workplace. This can adversely affect your performance at school or work. Your relationships with others can suffer. Studies of hundreds of offices and homes show that a far greater amount of noise comes through the windows, not the walls.” While many people spend thousands of dollars on “soundproofing” the walls of their buildings, laboratory studies show that more than 90% of all the exterior noise comes in through doors and... Read More →

Best Soundproof Windows

Avoid replacing your windows, that’s not the problem! Soundproof Windows offers the best soundproof windows at a fraction of replacing all the windows in your home, or office, with better results. There’s really no reason to replace your windows! A Soundproof Window will reduce noise levels by 75-95%. Our soundproof windows will reduce noise levels significantly which is not possible with dual pane or replacement windows. You can get virtually ALL the benefits of replacing your windows PLUS reduce noise levels by 300% more than replacement windows AND avoid the headaches of double pane windows — for about the same price! Acoustically engineered to act as a sound barrier, Soundproof Windows offer most of the benefits of dual pane replacement windows and several benefits not available with replacement windows. Best Soundproof Windows After extensive research,... Read More →

Cheap Window Noise Blocker

We’re the cheap window noise blocker. And we have been for a long time. The best part? Soundproof Windows do not Remove or Replace Your Existing Windows. Soundproof Windows rehabilitate your existing windows! There is no need for window replacement. As a cheap window noise blocker, our services have been called upon time and time again to help our customers stop the noise in apartments, stop the noise in hotels, and even noisy roads that can be hurting small businesses. It may have been a great deal, but you’re paying for it! Use soundproof windows as your cheap window noise blocker. There’s no construction, they’re quick, easy, and painless, and installation usually takes less than 30 minutes. A Soundproof Window is a second window placed behind your existing... Read More →

What’s the Difference Between Sound and Noise?

What’s the difference between sound and noise? It’s really quite simple really. Sound is what you hear, noise is unwanted sound. Simple, right? While what some may consider being sound and others to be noise can differ (playing drums at 3 a.m. with no acoustic windows or studio doors to block noise), ensuring your musical prowess isn’t stifled but the time of day is important. A Soundproof Window will reduce noise levels by 75-95%. Our soundproof windows will reduce noise levels significantly which is not possible with dual pane or replacement windows. We can prove it! Our experience indicates that 75% noise reduction is sufficient in almost all cases. Our customers feel the noise reduction is very significant – and definitely, enough to end the noise... Read More →

Will Replacing My Windows Actually Stop the Noise?

New windows may provide some improvement, but very few windows are designed specifically to reduce noise. You could go through all of the time and expense of replacing your windows and never really solve the noise problem to your satisfaction. An added drawback is that while new windows might provide some noise relief, they are not a viable long-term solution. Much of the noise that comes through windows enters through broken window seals. With age and the normal slight movements that occur in your home when temperatures change, all conventional window seals eventually fail. And that is why so many people deal with the noise rather than solving the problem. They either move or just learn how to tune it out. Which isn’t the best option... Read More →

Why You Need to Know What STC Is

In many cases, less noise will be coming through the Soundproof Windows than the walls. Most walls have an STC of 43-48, and our windows have an STC of 48-54. Soundproof Windows can go even further, with a few extra tricks up our sleeves, and several things can be done to increase the window STC values even more. STC stands for Sound Transmission Class. Basically, STC ratings are an established way to average how much sound is stopped by something. STC ratings are used for windows, doors, walls and most building materials. For windows, STC ratings range from 18 to 38. We’ve talked in previous blogs about soundproofing windows, how easy they are to install and their STC ratings, but why do we include the rating?... Read More →

Soundproof Windows Easy Installations

Our soundproof windows have been used in high-rise apartments, hotels, busy city centers and historical homes and buildings. With our latest update to our soundproofing process, renovators and owners no longer need to settle or live with disturbing outside noise. Not only do our soundproof windows reduce energy costs, but adding the inner window provides an additional layer of insulation which will stop unwanted air infiltration through the window seals, all while putting a constant squeeze on the glass panels, preventing sound leaks and stopping noise from vibrating through the glass. Our product is unique in that it is designed so you do not have to replace your existing windows. Soundproof windows rehabilitate your existing windows without having to remove or replace the windows in your home, making... Read More →

Noise Reduction for Homes with Single Pane Windows

If you have an historical home or have other reasons to not replace the windows, perhaps changing the thin glass to a thicker glass is also an option. A more effective and better way to soundproof windows is to install a second set of windows. There are many ways to do this and the results can vary. Soundproof Windows is dedicated to offering the best soundproofing windows. Soundproof Windows Also Act as Insulating Windows Our insulating windows will pay for themselves with dollars saved from reduced energy costs Cut your window heating/cooling by 50% or more Stop air infiltration – a huge additional energy savings You can now “insulate” your insulating windows Stop or reduce condensation Our windows are highly effective noise reducing windows. Tests in and... Read More →

High STC Ratings in Soundproof Windows

A Soundproof Window will reduce noise levels by 75-95%. Our soundproof windows will reduce noise levels significantly which is not possible with dual pane or replacement windows. Adding Soundproof Windows will: Reduce or stop window condensation problems Reduce condensation similarly to dual pane windows Window condensation is a difficult problem to predict, solve or guarantee. Entire books have been written about condensation, its various causes and how to prevent it. Soundproof Windows will significantly reduce your window condensation, and in many cases may stop it completely. And we can prove it By now, you’ve probably heard the term STC Rating a few times. All STC Rating means, or Sound Transmission Class Ratings, is the average amount of noise stopped at 18 different frequencies, measured in decibels. Incidentally, STC ratings... Read More →

Soundproof Windows Bring Real Estate Advantages

Soundproof windodws will give you an advantage over your competition as people definitely prefer quiet environments. Whether marketed as a “super-quiet environment” (no connotations of a noise problem) or a “soundproof environment” – our windows and sliding glass doors work. And we aim to prove it to you. Homes  and businesses sell better if they have a quiet environment. We have many customers that vastly improved the values of their homes, hotels, and commercials buildings by adding soundproofing. If you have a noisy approach or commute to your home, but a quiet environment when you enter it, it is impressive to most home buyers and commercial investors and they do not dismiss your home as unacceptable as quickly as they will if it is noisy... Read More →