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Noise Reduction for Homes with Single Pane Windows

If you have an historical home or have other reasons to not replace the windows, perhaps changing the thin glass to a thicker glass is also an option. A more effective and better way to soundproof windows is to install a second set of windows. There are many ways to do this and the results can vary. Soundproof Windows is dedicated to offering the best soundproofing windows. Soundproof Windows Also Act as Insulating Windows Our insulating windows will pay for themselves with dollars saved from reduced energy costs Cut your window heating/cooling by 50% or more Stop air infiltration – a huge additional energy savings You can now “insulate” your insulating windows Stop or reduce condensation Our windows are highly effective noise reducing windows. Tests in and... Read More →

High STC Ratings in Soundproof Windows

A Soundproof Window will reduce noise levels by 75-95%. Our soundproof windows will reduce noise levels significantly which is not possible with dual pane or replacement windows. Adding Soundproof Windows will: Reduce or stop window condensation problems Reduce condensation similarly to dual pane windows Window condensation is a difficult problem to predict, solve or guarantee. Entire books have been written about condensation, its various causes and how to prevent it. Soundproof Windows will significantly reduce your window condensation, and in many cases may stop it completely. And we can prove it By now, you’ve probably heard the term STC Rating a few times. All STC Rating means, or Sound Transmission Class Ratings, is the average amount of noise stopped at 18 different frequencies, measured in decibels. Incidentally, STC ratings... Read More →

Soundproof Windows Bring Real Estate Advantages

Soundproof windodws will give you an advantage over your competition as people definitely prefer quiet environments. Whether marketed as a “super-quiet environment” (no connotations of a noise problem) or a “soundproof environment” – our windows and sliding glass doors work. And we aim to prove it to you. Homes  and businesses sell better if they have a quiet environment. We have many customers that vastly improved the values of their homes, hotels, and commercials buildings by adding soundproofing. If you have a noisy approach or commute to your home, but a quiet environment when you enter it, it is impressive to most home buyers and commercial investors and they do not dismiss your home as unacceptable as quickly as they will if it is noisy... Read More →

Historical Restorations and Building Conversions

Soundproof Windows can be added to glass in historical buildings where various scenarios can prevent removing the original windows and glass. Insulation and soundproofing can be achieved in such situations, in addition to solving air infiltration issues found in older windows. It is possible to double the insulation value of the window and reduce air infiltration by over 95% by adding Soundproof Windows. Perfect for Building Restoration Projects Soundproof Windows added to existing windows help insulate and conserve energy. By adding Soundproof Windows, the following can be achieved: Effectively convert a single pane window into a dual pane window Convert a simple dual pane into a good quality low-e equivalent window Convert a high-efficiency dual pane into a super-high efficiency window This is perfect for old... Read More →

Add Security AND Stop the Noise

Soundproof Windows have Superior Security Qualities To achieve optimum soundproofing, Soundproof Windows uses laminated glass, which lucky enough, is also security glass. Laminated glass is excellent break-in protection. Breaking through laminated glass requires time, effort and noise, and does not shatter when broken. It tends to remain intact, protecting interiors from flying glass, flying projectiles, and other damage. Penetrating laminated glass requires more than just a golf ball, baseball, or brick. Laminated glass even withstands minor explosions and is the major component for most bulletproof glass. It is now being used to meet strict building codes developed in Florida for hurricanes and is used elsewhere for other severe weather phenomena such as tornadoes and earthquakes. Soundproof Windows Also Act as Insulated Windows Our soundproof windows double as insulation, helping... Read More →

Air Infiltration: Stop the Drafts for Good

Air infiltration causes cold drafts and temperature differences within a room, which frequently causes the thermostat to be set higher so that the average temperature is at the desired level. Soundproof Windows reduces the air infiltration into your home. By reducing the air infiltration, the lower thermostat settings are preferred and the comfort level is significantly increased. As an example, without air infiltration, you will seldom have the scenario of your head feeling warm and your feet feeling cold – because Soundproof Windows will reduce and most often completely eliminate drafts in your home or studio. What your current window leaks now, our window will seal out. Soundproof Windows completely neutralize the air infiltration of your current windows. Window Seals That Do Their Job Our frame seals are held... Read More →

Have You Tried Everything? Try Soundproof

After the time we’ve spent in the industry, we tend to get quite a few people coming to us with frustrations and comments about ‘soundproof’ materials, ‘soundproof’ windows that aren’t ours, and a lot about STC Ratings. The partial relief you might experience by replacing your windows is only a temporary solution at best. The engineering needed for sound is quite different than for handling temperature. That’s why people looking for noise relief who simply replace their dual pane windows are often disappointed. Important Some manufacturers don’t provide the STC rating for their entire window but instead only give the rating for the glass they use. Since the entire window needs to stop the sound, disclosing the STC rating of the glass alone gives an... Read More →

Where is the Sound Actually Coming From?

This is a question we get asked quite often, and more often than not, when people begin to try a DIY approach to soundproofing their homes or studios, they end up spending money and material that is not needed, or the material is put in the wrong spaces in the studio or home. The first step in solving any noise problem is to identify where the noise is entering your environment. Studies of hundreds of offices and homes show that a far greater amount of noise comes through the windows, not the walls. While many people spend thousands of dollars on “soundproofing” the walls of their buildings, laboratory studies show that more than 90% of all the exterior noise comes in through doors and windows.... Read More →

How Does Soundproof Glass Work?

Soundproof Windows do not Remove or Replace Your Existing Windows, they help make your windows better.  The windows are the major noise problem in over 90% of the cases. Our soundproof windows are second windows placed behind your existing windows. Our windows insulate, stop drafts, soundproof and more. They open and close just like your existing windows, and offer more benefits than replacement windows – at a significantly lower cost. What About Double Pane Windows? While double pane windows do stop a little more noise than single pane windows, IGU (dual pane) glass is not very effective. In a quiet environment, it becomes very quiet. In a noisy environment, you hardly notice the difference. Our secret to a truly soundproof window? Laminated glass.  But, that’s... Read More →

Advantages of Sliding Glass Doors, Save Your Hearing

Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors are the easy fix to your noise issues. And we have the largest selection.  Soundproof sliding glass doors are as effective as our soundproof windows in stopping noise. Like our soundproof windows, what we do is add a second sliding glass door that does even more for sound and security. A sliding glass door or patio door, is a type of large glass window opening in a structure that provides door access from a room to the outdoors, fresh air, and copious natural light, but can also bring some things you may not want… a TON of noise. We solved that, though. Our soundproof doors can be mounted inside or outside your existing sliding glass door. The room with the sliding glass door is almost always in the coldest and draftiest... Read More →