Soundproof Windows Bring Real Estate Advantages

Soundproof windodws will give you an advantage over your competition as people definitely prefer quiet environments. Whether marketed as a “super-quiet environment” (no connotations of a noise problem) or a “soundproof environment” – our windows and sliding glass doors work. And we aim to prove it to you. Homes  and businesses sell better if they have a quiet environment. We have many customers that vastly improved the values of their homes, hotels, and commercials buildings by adding soundproofing. If you have a noisy approach or commute to your home, but a quiet environment when you enter it, it is impressive to most home buyers and commercial investors and they do not dismiss your home as unacceptable as quickly as they will if it is noisy... Read More →

Is Your Home +Pre

Soundproof Windows are do more than just block noise, they provide extra insulation to your home, hassle free. Our soundproof windows allow you to change the inside appearance of your windows without changing the outside appearance. Available in many custom colors (at an additional cost), our soundproof windows soften the often harsh brown-bronze color or appearance of your current windows. In a double pane windows, the two pieces of glass are coupled within the same frame and vibrate together – like the two tynes of a tuning fork. The air space does very little to retard the vibrations. The glass is usually rather thin. The insulation values in double pane windows are much better than single pane windows. Also, glass has certain sound frequencies that... Read More →

How Do I Soundproof my Windows?

Actually, with one of our windows, it’s a piece of cake. Soundproof Windows has been in the soundproofing game for a few decades, and because of this, we’ve pretty much mastered our soundproofing technology. We tried and failed, worked with a variety of technicians (what great things don’t come with failure?), but eventually, reached our perfect patent to answer the question, “How Do I Soundproof My Windows?” So, what is it? Well, we can show you, here, but we’re happy to explain it. Soundproof Windows does not remove or replace your existing windows, and that was the goal. We wanted to create a product that was easy to install, easy to operate, and of course, functional. We know our customers were already annoyed by the... Read More →

Soundproof Windows for Busy Hotels

Noisy Hotels Are a Thing of the Past It is all too common to stay at a hotel in a larger city, one you may not necessarily be familiar with, to find that your hotel is right in the heart of the bustle and you can hear EVERYTHING. For hotel owners, this is not only frustrating, but can really influence their bottom line. That’s where Soundproof Windows for hotels comes in. Soundproof Windows does not remove or replace existing windows, but rather rehabilitates the existing hotel windows, and the benefits are many. Not only are Soundproof Windows approved for historical hotels, but we have never been turned down by any historical authority. Our windows work so well that our STC tests have shown an STC... Read More →

Why Our Soundproof Windows Work

For many people, the search has been a long one for a soundproof window that works, and is affordable. We started our company because the market wasn’t offering a decent soundproofing window, and we had a problem in our own home. Search after search, trial, and error, we found nothing that could actually solve our problem. We found that dual paned windows were sadly inadequate at stopping sound, so we set to work. After extensive research on the subject and years of testing, we finally designed a very effective soundproof window, blowing dual paned windows out of the water by more than 10x! In-field installations proved it reduced noise by 75%, and we couldn’t locate any other company that had the success that we had.... Read More →

Preserving History of Historical Buildings & Windows

This article was featured on ( Unique “soundproof” windows dramatically reduce outside noise and increase energy efficiency with a hands-off approach to the original windows “Windows are one of the most important and integral character-defining features of historic buildings,” states the D.C. Historic Preservation Review Board in its publication Window Repair and Replacement Preservation and Design Guidelines.  “They provide a sense of scale, craftsmanship, proportion and architectural styling.” As such, the primary objective of historic commissions and review boards, not to mention federal and local preservation statutes, is to ensure the existing windows remain intact whenever possible.  For this reason, repair is often recommended over replacement with more modern, double-paned windows that can quickly ruin a building’s character and charm. Repairing aging historic windows,... Read More →

Is this the Solution to Noisy Hotel Rooms?

This article was featured on Travel Pulse, or ( Hotel Room Noise Solutions Location is oftentimes a catch-22 for hoteliers. While guests want to stay in premier destinations close to all of the attractions, they also covet peace and quiet inside of their hotel rooms. For some hotels, the inability to quell outside noise can result in crippling negative reviews. But building thicker walls and installing dual-pane windows aren’t quite enough to make a difference, so some hotels have turned to a proven, economical and realistic solution. Residence Inn Sandesta at Grand Boulevard Located along a busy street in Miramar, Florida, the Residence Inn Sandesta at Grand Boulevard was plagued by road noise that accounted for roughly three-quarters of its negative reviews on TripAdvisor.... Read More →

Soundproofing Hotel Windows, Rather Than Replacing Them, Can Provide Competitive Edge

This article was featured in HPB Magazine ( For hotels and motels located near noisy streets, highways, train tracks, airports or urban city walks, keeping external noise from penetrating into what should be the quiet, peaceful sanctuary of the guest room might seem an impossible task.With the cacophony of loud sirens, traffic, construction, garbage and delivery trucks, aircraft, and nearby nightlife, guests are often inundated with unwanted noise until the early morning hours. Even a raucous swimming pool or other common area open late for guests can be a continual source of aggravation.Such noise can make it difficult for guests to sleep soundly, if at all, during the night or for needed daytime naps. For those conducting business in their hotel room or simply relaxing,... Read More →

Soundproofing Windows in Hotels Reduces Overall Cost

Are you a hotel owner? Or maybe you’re someone who has slept in a room that was located in a noisy hotel? Either way, you can see how soundproofing windows in hotels have resulted in increased satisfaction and reduced energy costs. A great hotel is one located close to the heart of the city you’re staying in – allowing you access to food, fun and new friends. But many times while these hotels are close to the action, when you’re finally ready to wind down you find that it is next to impossible. From cars zipping past on the freeway, road construction, bustling city streets and loud neighbors, your hotel experience is greatly affected by how much noise your room actually lets in. Poorly sealed... Read More →