Soundproof Your Home Office

Having an ideal home office and workspace is key to moving your projects forward.

soundproof_landingWhether you are the owner of a small business, the head of the household reconciling receipts, or youwork remotely, your home office is imperative to the work you create.

Aside from making sure the interior design aspects are to your liking, minimizing distractions is vitalto constructing an office that is flawlessly operational.

What can you do to avoid interruptions in your home office?

  • Let your family and friends know that when you’re in your office, do not disturb.
  • Don’t install a television and keeping your personal phone out is also a very healthy choice.

But what about your neighbor’s lawnmower? Dogs? Their latest project involves a chainsaw and they seem to start up right as you sit down to your desk?

Sound proofing your office will facilitate a work ethic you didn’t know you had. With a variety of options, Soundproof glass doors and windows reduce noise by 75%. The best part? You don’t have to pay for extra material.
Soundproof windows can be fashioned to a variety of existing door and window frames with custom colors available for each.

Because we use laminated glass, installation is quick and painless usually taking us less than an hour to complete. Tests have shown an STC (Sound Transmission Class) of up to 53 after installing Soundproof Windows, and we know we can get STC ratings in the 60’s. Present us a noise problem requiring higher STC ratings and we will create the window that can solve it, guaranteed.

Contact us for a free estimate and start working like you never have before.