Storm Windows

Information About Storm Windows

What is a Storm Window?

Ask 10 people and you will likely get 10 different definitions for a storm window. Most descriptions include “cheap” and “flimsy”. Our definition of a storm window is a second window installed over the first window and is designed to insulate and reduce drafts, creating favorable energy savings.

A Soundproof Window is MORE than a Storm Window

By the above definition, it is a custom storm window but offers many additional benefits. A Soundproof Window can be considered to be a custom storm window, but is designed for reducing noise. In the process, there are other benefits not found in a storm window. Laminated glass, tighter seals and stronger construction combined with a small frame size improve almost all the benefits of a normal storm window. It is not cheap or flimsy, but rather a well made high quality window costing about as much as a replacement window.

Most people want a storm window because:

  • Insulation values are higher in storm windows
  • Storm windows are lower priced than replacement windows
  • Drafts are reduced with storm windows
  • Historical homes do not (or should not) use replacement windows*
  • Do not want to replace existing windows for many various reasons

Additional reasons to get Soundproof Windows instead of regular storm windows:

  • Noise reduction levels much higher than storm windows
  • Better sealing windows, reducing drafts and cold spots even more
  • Cuts out 99.9% of the unhealthy and color-fading ultraviolet light
  • A better overall value than storm windows for the money invested (but higher initial cost)
  • Quality – windows that will be in good shape 50 years from now
  • A “custom storm window” fitting your existing windows better than regular storm windows

Our website can further explain why adding Soundproof Windows may be a better alternative than replacing your existing windows or installing storm windows.

Soundproof Windows Vs. Storm Windows

Here is a chart to compare installing a Soundproof Window vs. installing storm windows.

Storm Windows Soundproof Windows
% Noise Reduction 10% to 35% 75% to 95%
Reduces Draftiness good excellent
Reduces Hot/Cold Spots good excellent
Historical Preservation good excellent
Insulation Values good good
Air Infiltration good excellent
% Harmful UV Light Blocked 0% to 65% 99.9%
Cost $250 to $700 typical $400 to $900 typical
Installed to the Outside almost always seldom
Installed to the Inside seldom almost always
Can be Installed Inside or Outside normally outside only installs easily either way
Stops Condensation very good very good
Uses Dual Pane Glass sometimes never
Dual Pane Seal Life 15 to 20 years n/a
Home Owner Association:
Window Approval Process difficult easy


*Historical homes almost always prefer our Soundproof Windows to storm windows since they do not change the outside appearance when the storm windows are mounted to the inside. On the inside, these “custom storm windows” virtually disappear since they have such a small footprint (frame structure). Also, most historic homes are now near population centers and are very noisy, therefore needing the extra noise reduction provided by the Soundproof Windows not given by storm windows.

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