Recording Studio Windows

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Slanted or Vertical Windows for Sound Studios

Our sound studio windows consist of two independent fixed windows on each side of your window opening. Each window can be installed vertically or slanted, your choice at the time of installation. Our recording studio windows have an STC of 64.

  • Our Sound Studio Windows are easy to install
  • Slanted Glass is field adjustable
  • Complete Architectural Drawings are available
  • Incredible low frequency noise reduction

Operable Sliding Sound Studio Windows

Another option for recording sound studio windows are our operable sliding windows. Two sliding windows allow you to open the windows and have a more personable direct conversation when not recording. Think of it, an opening window that still has an STC of 65 – an option never possible previously.

Sound Studio Windows, Glass Configurations

All our sound studio windows and sound studio doors use laminated glass that is NOT dual pane. In sound studios, dual pane glass is never a good noise reduction glass configuration. We use laminated glass that is custom made for our sound studio windows that is 0.650 inches thick. We also use 0.250 inch thick laminated glass. One or both of the sound studio windows in the opening will have the special 0.650 inch laminated glass.

All our studio windows use low iron glass. With no green glass tint, our windows are super clear and virtually disappear, and have a remarkable clarity.

Recording studio and home recording studio windows with high STC values.

Raise the STC of Your Existing Sound Studio Window

Add one of our sound studio windows to your existing studio window to improve the STC value of what you currently have. Our sound studio window is only 1.25″ thick and can be mounted on either side of your current sound studio window. Ask us for details about how this can be done to raise your existing STC values into the 60s.

Find Out More About Sound Studio Windows

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