General Information

Are these replacement windows?

No. Our windows are better than replacement windows in many ways. They have better insulation and sound stopping ability than ANY replacement window. For a comparison of Soundproof Windows vs. replacement windows, please see our Replacement Windows page.

Do they open and close like regular windows?

Yes, Soundproof Windows operate like your current windows. If your windows slide open–so will these. If your windows raise upward–so will these. Soundproof Windows are fully operational, and easy to remove for cleaning. Please check out our Soundproof Window Demonstration for an example of how they work.

What do you mean, a second window installed behind our current window? How does it work?

Your current window is mounted on the outside edge of your window opening; Soundproof Windows are mounted to the inside edge, leaving your current window intact – a two-window system, as shown in the illustration below:
how the soundproof window works

Can I use my existing blinds and draperies?

Yes. Depending on your window, the blinds may mount between the two windows, as shown in these photos. If you do this, you will seldom if ever need to clean your blinds! Moving your blinds or shutters may be necessary, but seldom present a problem requiring removal. You can also re-mount the blinds over the Soundproof Windows.

What about cleaning the windows?

Good news and bad news. The bad news is you have twice as much glass to clean! The good news is our glass is easy to remove, making cleaning much easier. Unless you frequently keep the windows open, cleaning the inside will seldom be needed.

Can your windows go outside?

Yes, there are some window configurations that require us to mount on the outside. There is no problem in doing this. Please contact us today for a discussion of how our soundproof windows can solve your noise problem in this situation.

My Home Owner Association won't let us replace our windows! Would they allow Soundproof Windows?

Yes. We have never had our windows rejected by any Homeowner Association. Since our Soundproof Windows are installed on the inside, there is/should be no reason to even get approval. They do not change the outside appearance and should be considered similar to curtains (you can barely tell that they exist).

Are your windows 'storm windows'?

To many people, storm windows are a one-piece cover put on the outside of your window for the winter. It does not open and is usually clear glass (sometimes a sheet of plastic). Most other types of year-round storm windows mount on the outside of your current window. Soundproof Windows are an interior storm-style window (but sometimes they are mounted on the outside), significantly modified to stop sound. For more information, please see our page on Storm Windows.

What do they look like? It sounds like they would look tacky.

They are attractive and beautify the interior of your home. Even some historically preserved buildings are installing them. Double-windows have been used for many years in colder and hotter climates. Please see our Photo Gallery for some examples. Additionally, the frames are available in a variety of colors, or can be custom-colored, to match your decor. Please contact us today for a discussion of how our soundproof windows can enhance your current windows.

Can your windows be used for recording studios, including home recording studios?

Yes, we have new line of recording studio windows and doors, Studio Window Max™ and Studio Door Max™. You can find out more information on our Recording Studio page.


What kind of insulation values do Soundproof Windows have?

Soundproof Windows have superior insulation values: our two-window system has better insulation values than any single window system. Most windows are only designed for insulation (not for sound) and the two are very different.

Fortunately, what works for sound, works even better for insulation. Soundproof Windows are sealed better than replacement windows. When combined with the excellent insulation values, Soundproof Windows offer you the best reduction in unwanted air infiltration, draftiness, and any cold drafts or hot spots within your home.

Our windows have better insulation values than the best low-e, argon gas filled double paned window you can buy. Our R-values range from 3.0 to over 5.5.

For more information, please see our Insulation Values page.

What do you mean by "earthquake-safe" windows?

One of the dangers in an earthquake is the flying glass from windows breaking. Earthquakes can shatter the glass of a normal window and send it flying everywhere. It would be dangerous to move around bare-footed and you could be injured by the flying glass. Soundproof Windows are made of laminated glass, which can break, but will stay in place at your window. Please see our page outlining some of the features of laminated glass.

What is laminated glass?

Laminated glass is two pieces of glass sandwiched together with a special plastic inner layer, which glues them together, stops vibrations, blocks UV light and prevents the glass from breaking into many pieces when it is broken. When it does break, it stays together – like your car’s front windshield, which is also laminated glass.

  • Soundproofing
  • Security
  • Filers out UV Light
  • Strength

Soundproof Windows block out the sun's UV rays. Is that very important?

Yes and No. Ultraviolet light causes sunburn, color fading and deterioration of natural and synthetic materials.

Museums always use laminated glass to provide color fade protection, as do most furniture stores.

The inner layer of plastic used in our laminated glass blocks 99.9% of all the UV light from passing through. On the other hand, standard glass (used in almost all commercial and residential applications) blocks very little UV light. Even the newer “low E” glass cannot compete with the UV protection of laminated glass.

Some of our customers buy our windows not for sound, but for the UV protection. It is a benefit that may or may not be important to you. It does not harm plants to not get UV rays.

Will this fix my old, leaking windows?

If they are leaking water, NO. If they are leaking air, creating drafts, etc., YES – definitely. Here is some additional information on air infiltration and drafts and how Soundproof Windows can improve your situation.

Will I get condensation?

Condensation is a very complicated issue, especially in some areas with all the fog and various climates. It is not just a cold-weather question like it would be in Montana. Soundproof Windows will reduce condensation, maybe enough to stop all of it, maybe not, but it will be a big improvement. If your current window does not leak a lot of air, then we may resolve your condensation problem completely.

For more information about the benefits of Soundproof Windows with respect to condensation, please see our page on Stopping Condensation.

Other Windows vs. Soundproof Windows

What do your windows offer that dual pane windows don't?

Soundproof Windows improve on virtually all the benefits available from double paned windows, plus more:

  • Ten times better for noise control
  • Better insulation than any double pane window
  • Earthquake safe glass that does not shatter
  • 99.9% of harmful color-fading UV light is removed
  • Security — a second window that is hard to break is an excellent deterrent
  • Easy installation — no need to tear up and repair the outside of your home
  • No mess or construction required

For a comparison, please see our Dual Pane Windows page.

What is the difference in sound-stopping ability between my single pane windows, dual pane replacements and your Soundproof Windows?

If the noise level you perceive now is 100 units, then double paned windows will reduce that to about 65 or 70. Soundproof Windows will reduce it to about 25.

If you installed both double paned and Soundproof Windows, it would reduce it to about 10 or 15.

More improvements are possible, but by then your walls will be letting in more noise.

For extreme situations we install a third window and can reduce the above number to less than 5. That is the “perceived” drop in sound.

In truth, the drop in sound is significantly higher – as high as 99%. The human ear constantly adjusts its own sensitivity as the sound volume comes up or down.

Please see our Noise Comparison page which compares the sound-stopping ability of different windows vs. Soundproof Windows.

My friends say dual paned windows are the best way to go, offer the best insulation and sound stopping available. They have never heard of using a second window, and think dual paned would be the best way to go. How do you respond to that?

For many years double paned windows have been the only option available. Most window companies do not offer other choices. Soundproof Windows are new! Soundproof Windows are not double paned windows – they are better. This is scientifically tested and proven.

Please see our Noise Comparison page which compares the sound-stopping ability of different windows vs. Soundproof Windows.

For more information about the insulation benefits of Soundproof Windows, please see our Insulation Properties page.

There are a number of drawbacks to dual pane windows that may be informative to you; please see our Dual Pane Windows page.

Noise-Stopping Ability of Soundproof Windows

I notice a lot of noise comes through my sliding glass door. What can you do for this?

Use a Soundproof sliding glass door! We offer a door that does an excellent job of stopping sound.

It is also a great solution to the typical cold and draftiness you experience with regular sliding glass doors. We have a superb sliding glass door solution – ask us for more details or see our page on Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors for more information.

All our sliding glass doors use laminated glass, are the best available and are offered at very reasonable prices.

I have already installed dual paned windows. It did help reduce the noise, but not enough - it’s still very annoying, will your windows help me?

Yes! Soundproof Windows significantly reduce sound, regardless of what your current window design is. For a look at how Soundproof Windows work with your existing windows to stop noise, please see our Noise Reduction Comparison page.

Will you guarantee you can solve my noise problem?

No. We can demonstrate to you how much is stopped, and show you the lab results showing how much is stopped. We can also tell you we’ll eliminate some noises completely, and significantly reduce louder noises, but the measure of “is it enough” is hard to measure or guarantee.

Please see our page on STC Ratings for what you can expect.

We stand behind our products with pride! We guarantee our windows for five years against defects in materials and workmanship.

Cost, Installation & Order Soundproof Windows

I have single-hung windows that are too expensive to replace - can you help?

Yes. We install single hung windows frequently (windows that raise and/or lower), which are fully functional – just like your current windows. Often replacing these is prohibitively expensive – but not when you improve with our windows! Soundproof Windows work with your existing windows, so no replacement is necessary. Please review our How They Work page for more information.

How much do Soundproof Windows cost?

When compared to the cost of replacing your existing windows, Soundproof Windows are often less expensive. Soundproof Windows are priced according to size and most will range from $400 to $900.

We ship to all fifty states and have dealers in many areas and can arrange for installation anywhere in the U.S. Shipping and installation are extra.

We are competitive with replacement windows and yet provide so many more benefits. You get a very good window value for your money.

We do provide free quotes over the phone. We are NOT pushy, bothersome or a pest about trying to sell you windows. Our job is to help you understand noise and noise reduction and how to stop it. We discuss your noise problems and what to REALLY expect in the way of noise reduction. Our philosophy is to be straightforward, provide you with accurate reliable information, and then let you decide what to do about your noise problems.

You can fill out the Free Estimate form and send it to us… or call us toll-free at 877-438-7843!

Do Soundproof Windows qualify as energy efficient home improvements?

Soundproof Windows are energy efficient windows – that is certain. Various government agencies have different programs in various parts of the country. You may want to check with your local power company to see if they have a program. Contact us and we will provide you with the most recent information we have available, toll-free at 877-438-7843, or fill out our form.

Are your estimates free?

Yes. We will give you a FREE phone quote.

Our estimates are also:

  • FREE of annoying “used car” salesmen
  • FREE of pesky follow up calls
  • FREE of other “sales calls” (we share your information with no one)

and also SPAM FREE (see above)
Please fill out the Free Estimate form and send it to us… or call us toll-free at 877-438-7843.

How long does it take to install them?

It takes 30 minutes to an hour to install each window.

Can I buy just one window?

Yes! We do not require quantity purchases, but we will not sell less than one window! Seriously, many customers buy only one or two windows initially, and later end up installing Soundproof Windows throughout their entire home after they see how effective they are.

If I want them, what is the next step, and how long does it take to receive my order?

Place an order with us! Use any of the 4 major credit cards. We recommend credit cards for their consumer protection features. It takes three to seven weeks to custom manufacture your window and arrange for installation. Ask when ordering and we will give you the current estimate of our lead times. We are adding to our manufacturing capacities to reduce the lead time to about two weeks.

Please complete the Free Estimate form and send it to us… or, better yet, call us toll-free at 877-438-7843!