Resource Links

Noise Information Sites

Soundproofing 101  A short course in soundproofing and soundproofing concepts. Information about how to soundproof walls and buildings. A lot of new things about to happen expand this site.

Soundproofing is a relatively new site which gives more advanced soundproofing information written by industry professionals.

Noise Pollution Clearinghouse  A national non-profit organization with extensive on-line noise related resources. A good place to study noise issues.

Noise Free America  A group which is dedicated to fighting noise pollution. They have chapters in many cities and states, which conduct petition drives, testify before city councils, host community meetings, speak to community groups, and meet with police officials.


Noise Materials and Supplies

Soundproofing Company  The Soundproofing Company specializes in low cost, real world solutions to noise problems. No hype, no high prices, just the high quality products you need to solve the noise problems you have.

Sound Isolation Company  A national distributor of soundproofing products and advice; their products are tested, fully evaluated, in stock and ready for immediate pick-up or shipment.