Avoid Replacement Windows

Replacing Your Windows May Not Be Your Best Option

You can get virtually ALL the benefits of replacing your windows PLUS reduce noise levels by 300% more than replacement windows AND avoid the headaches of double pane windows — for about the same price!

Here is a chart to compare installing a Soundproof Window versus replacing your windows with double pane windows.

Our website can further explain why adding Soundproof Windows may be a better alternative than replacing your existing windows.

Keep your old windows/
Single Pane Windows
Replacement Windows/
Double Pane Glass
Add Soundproof Windows
% Noise Reduction (none) -5% to +15% 75% to 95%
Insulation Values poor good good
Air Infiltration varies good excellent
Solves Window Air Leak
no yes yes
% Harmful UV Light Blocked 0% 0% to 65% 99.9%
Cost Maintenance $350 to $900 typical $350 to $800 typical
Improves Inside Window
no yes yes
Improves Outside Window
no yes no
Interior/Visible Change when Installed no yes minor
Stops Condensation poor excellent very good
Property Value Improvement:
Basic Replacement/
(none) good good
Value Improvement (if
there is a noise problem)
(none) poor excellent
Double Pane Window:
Double Pane Seal Life
n/a 15 to 20 years 30 to 40 years
Soundproof Window
Seal Life Expectancy
n/a 100+ years
Reduces Visible Window
Opening when Replaced
usually seldom
Reduces Draftiness poor good excellent
Reduces Hot/Cold Spots poor good excellent
Historical Preservation
excellent poor excellent
Home Owner Association:
Window Approval Process
difficult easy
Choice of Window
usually 1 or 2 choices n/a
Inside Window Color
cannot change changeable