Customer Comments – Acoustical Engineer

Acoustical Engineer – Installed Soundproof Windows in his home Dear Kurt: I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your helping us resolve the neighborhood noise issues we were experiencing with our home. The windows you custom designed and installed have been extremely effective in reducing the road, neighborhood and dog noise we were previously experiencing. In addition (and actually a major concern of ours), they are attractive and cost effective. As you recall, my husband is an acoustical engineer for a top US firm dealing with extremely difficult noise issues for military applications. Our home is very close to a noisy, busy road. We reviewed several offerings which were described as “noise solutions.” For example, Pella recommended replacing... Read More →

Customer Comments – Family in Southern California

Family in Southern California – Situated too close to airport and train Why would anyone buy a house 100′ from an airport runway and 1,000′ from the main line of the BNSF Railroad? Only because a pilot always dreamed of having his airplane in his back yard. The railroad just happened to run alongside the runway. A minor annoyance, we thought. Everyone told us that we’d get use to it. What we couldn’t adjust to was the train horns that blew day and night for a nearby crossing. Neither could our one year old twins who would wake all hours of the night from the noise. Fortunately, before we all collapsed from lack of sleep we found the Soundproof Window web site. Randy Brown was... Read More →

Customer Comments – Cold/Mold Issues

Cold/Mold Issues – Soundproof Windows used to get rid of condensation problems We live in a condominium complex that has single paned, very thin windows. After suffering through five years of cold winters, windows that rattled in the wind, condensation, and mold problems we were told about Soundproof Windows by one of our neighbors in the complex who had the soundproof windows installed in her unit. After having Randy come out and give us an estimate, we decided to go ahead and have all of our windows “soundproofed.” We can’t tell you what a difference the new windows have made. We weren’t sure how they would look and were especially concerned with the extra sliding glass door that was to be added to our existing... Read More →

Customer Comments – New Jersey Customer

New Jersey Customer – Reduced noise problems considerably, plus other benefits Randy, We have been very satisfied with our windows. As advertised, they were easy to install and are maintenance free. They reduced the noise pollution considerably, plus we are finding that as we enter the first summer with them installed, they are very effective at keeping the room cooler than would otherwise be the case. We would gladly recommend them to anyone who wants to mitigate a noise problem. We found the windows to be an excellent value. Thanks. John & Vickie DeL. New Jersey

Customer Comments – Condominium Owner

Condominium Owner – Very Sensitive Ears Dear Sir: I had your windows installed in my five bedroom windows in May… I have been very happy with the reduction in noise and heat in my room. I was also very impressed with the service your exceptional company provided; they went out of their way to customize the windows for me. I have some health problems and one of them makes my ears very sensitive to loud noises. I live in a condominium and my bedroom windows face a main pathway to other condos. The noise from people talking (sometimes yelling) used to be hard on my ears. Also the condo has sprinklers that run many times in the middle of the night. The sprinklers outside my... Read More →

Customer Comments – Peacock Problems

Peacock Problems – Did not require purchase of Soundproof Windows! Subject: Peacock problems Hi. Do you remember me? The peacock lady? I want to thank you for taking so much time to help me on the telephone, not only with window information, but with my problem neighbor. After getting not enough sleep for over a week, and having six children to take care of, I’m afraid I didn’t do everything you suggested. I did take pictures, but was so miserable, I couldn’t wait one more day to get them developed. And my husband recorded the peacock screaming (it drowned out my son’s voice on the tape), but when I was getting ready to go see the *JP I could not find the tape recorder ANYWHERE!!... Read More →