Customer Comments – Family in Southern California

Family in Southern California – Situated too close to airport and train

Why would anyone buy a house 100′ from an airport runway and 1,000′ from the main line of the BNSF Railroad? Only because a pilot always dreamed of having his airplane in his back yard. The railroad just happened to run alongside the runway. A minor annoyance, we thought. Everyone told us that we’d get use to it. What we couldn’t adjust to was the train horns that blew day and night for a nearby crossing. Neither could our one year old twins who would wake all hours of the night from the noise.

Fortunately, before we all collapsed from lack of sleep we found the Soundproof Window web site. Randy Brown was quick to respond to our request for information and within a month we received our first window. We installed it on the bedroom closest to the trains and found it to work very well. We soon ordered windows for the other bedroom and baths. I wouldn’t deceive you by saying that we can no longer hear the trains (the 100 db horns penetrate even the stucco walls) but the significant reduction in intensity was enough that it became a background noise not disturbing to our sleep. The lower rumbling noises of the train are now below that of the air conditioner or heater when operating.

Randy was a pleasure to do business with, prices fair and delivery when promised. His delivery man Wallace was very helpful in guiding me through the first installation which was really a breeze.

Krause Family of Hesperia, California