Customer Comments – Condominium Owner

Condominium Owner – Very Sensitive Ears

Dear Sir:

I had your windows installed in my five bedroom windows in May… I have been very happy with the reduction in noise and heat in my room. I was also very impressed with the service your exceptional company provided; they went out of their way to customize the windows for me.

I have some health problems and one of them makes my ears very sensitive to loud noises. I live in a condominium and my bedroom windows face a main pathway to other condos. The noise from people talking (sometimes yelling) used to be hard on my ears. Also the condo has sprinklers that run many times in the middle of the night. The sprinklers outside my bedroom window used to sound like a fire hose but now they are barely audible. Now I can sleep!

Further, I have been amazed at how much cooler my room stays now. Before, my room would be about 85 degrees on average summer days and 90 degrees during heat waves. At most my room is about 80 degrees on average summer days and has not gone above 85 degrees even when it was 100 degrees outside.

Overall, the windows have improved my life a lot and I am glad I had them installed.

Laurie Erickson