Customer Comments – Peacock Problems

Peacock Problems – Did not require purchase of Soundproof Windows!

Subject: Peacock problems


Do you remember me? The peacock lady?

I want to thank you for taking so much time to help me on the telephone, not only with window information, but with my problem neighbor.

After getting not enough sleep for over a week, and having six children to take care of, I’m afraid I didn’t do everything you suggested. I did take pictures, but was so miserable, I couldn’t wait one more day to get them developed. And my husband recorded the peacock screaming (it drowned out my son’s voice on the tape), but when I was getting ready to go see the *JP I could not find the tape recorder ANYWHERE!! Later I found it in the microwave! (We have a two-year-old) So I went in with no evidence at all, but very large bags under my eyes.

The JP was getting ready to go to a hearing or something, so his secretary called in to him to ask if I could talk to him before he left. He hesitated and I called in to him, “I can be as quick as you want me to.” He let me in!

I told him my problem and then he asked who my neighbor was. When I told him, he said, oh, yeah, I know him, we went to school together. (!) He said he would talk to him. I thought oh, wow, they’re friends. Great.

I took the kids to go look at rent houses and when we got home, the peacock was gone! The neighbor later called to tell my daughter that he had gotten rid of it. I’m not sure what caused him to do that, but I can sleep in my own bed now, and it’s so peaceful outside!

This is very long and probably boring, but you spent so much time with me and I wanted to let you know what happened.

We still want your windows, but we are going to first build a fence.

Thank you very much,
Terry P.

*Justice of the Peace