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How Soundproof Windows Inc. Cuts Through the Noise

There’s plenty of noise in the soundproofing industry. Here at Soundproof Windows, we can see right through the false claims and unrealistic expectations set by other companies. Here are five ways we cut through the noise to address your sound proofing needs Soundproof Windows, Inc. offers the highest STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings in the industry. Many companies will say that STC ratings are not important, and that’s usually because their windows do not have one. In other cases, they only have the glass tested, rendering the results inconclusive. Soundproof Windows goes through the process of having and independent lab test both our glass and frames to deliver a superior product to your home or business. Our soundproof windows are easy to install. Contrary to... Read More →

Helping Communities Reach Quiet  

For decades, Soundproof Windows has been working on a soundproofing process that would reduce outside noise and create an environment for homes and businesses that was tranquil and quiet. If you live in a busy city center, next to an airport, or a railroad, or even a construction site, it can be hard to relax in your home if you are consistently being interrupted by noise. Take for example the Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet. This coalition was dedicated to making their communities ‘noise free.’ The process of creating a quiet zone took years of planning, discussions, public comments, and rigorous testing and improving of safety crossings, but in the end a Quiet Zone was implemented in Battle Creek which greatly improved... Read More →