Customer Comments – Cold/Mold Issues

Cold/Mold Issues – Soundproof Windows used to get rid of condensation problems

We live in a condominium complex that has single paned, very thin windows. After suffering through five years of cold winters, windows that rattled in the wind, condensation, and mold problems we were told about Soundproof Windows by one of our neighbors in the complex who had the soundproof windows installed in her unit. After having Randy come out and give us an estimate, we decided to go ahead and have all of our windows “soundproofed.”

We can’t tell you what a difference the new windows have made. We weren’t sure how they would look and were especially concerned with the extra sliding glass door that was to be added to our existing door. We think our windows and sliding glass door look great and there has been a tremendous difference in the temperature (both for hot and cold weather) and, so far, the condensation problem has virtually disappeared. The fact that the windows have blocked out the rattling noise from our original windows, and the nearby train and street traffic noise is a fantastic bonus for us!

The two installers, Greg and Junior, that came to work on our unit were efficient, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We are so happy with the finished product and highly recommend the windows to anyone who is experiencing similar problems. Thank you Soundproof Windows for such a great product!

Maureen Leahy and Russell Toh