Customer Comments – Acoustical Engineer

Acoustical Engineer – Installed Soundproof Windows in his home

Dear Kurt:

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your helping us resolve the neighborhood noise issues we were experiencing with our home. The windows you custom designed and installed have been extremely effective in reducing the road, neighborhood and dog noise we were previously experiencing. In addition (and actually a major concern of ours), they are attractive and cost effective.

As you recall, my husband is an acoustical engineer for a top US firm dealing with extremely difficult noise issues for military applications. Our home is very close to a noisy, busy road. We reviewed several offerings which were described as “noise solutions.” For example, Pella recommended replacing our existing double pane windows with their triple pane windows at an exorbitant cost. My husband pointed out that in his professional opinion these would have little effect on the noise.

When I found your solution and discussed it with my husband, he was actually very excited about seeing your work. The technologies you are using – the laminated glass and the increased air gap – are both things he has used on military applications. This gave us the confidence to pursue them for noise reduction. The next hurdle was aesthetics and cost. In both cases, we were extremely pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for giving us a home we can now “live” in comfortably. At last we feel like we’re not so close to our neighbors and the road. We are truly pleased with everything you’ve done for us.


Carol Schudel