Dual Pane Windows

Should I Replace My Windows?

Many of us have never purchased new windows. In fact, window repairs and upgrades are also uncommon. If your windows aren’t broken, why fix them, right? When finances are tight, it may seem difficult to justify home upgrades. Even when homeowners feel financially secure, the multitude of window companies and the myriad of window options available are staggering. This article answers the question, “Should I replace my windows?” We also discuss reasons to consider changing your windows, how many you should change at a time, which window types are available and factors you should consider while deciding. Why Would You Want to Replace Your Windows? There are a wide variety of reasons you might consider replacing, upgrading or otherwise changing your windows. One element to... Read More →

Do Soundproof Windows Really Work?

Many of us would prefer to have a quieter home. Whether you live near an airport, busy intersection, freeway, a construction site, a playground or a school, chances are you’re fed up with unwanted noise. You might have heard of soundproof windows or soundproof sliding glass doors, but you aren’t sure if they really work and if they are worth the investment. In this article we discuss the facts about soundproof windows and soundproof sliding glass doors. Are Soundproof Windows Really “Soundproof”? Many associate the word “soundproof” with silence. We’re not aware of any commercially available windows that stop 100% of sound, but our windows reduce noise better than any other product on the market. The first thing you need to know about soundproof windows... Read More →

Get Rid of Condensation on Windows

For good. Seriously. Soundproof Windows are the best replacement windows for stopping condensation on windows. And when we say replacement windows for your home, we really mean an attachment to your existing windows. We want to make life easier for you! Adding Soundproof Windows will: Reduce or stop window condensation problems Reduce condensation similarly to dual pane windows Window condensation is a difficult problem to predict, solve or guarantee. Entire books have been written about condensation, its various causes and how to prevent it. Soundproof Windows will significantly reduce your window condensation, and in many cases may stop it completely. Causes of Window Condensation Imagine this:  A glass of iced tea will usually sweat (condensation). If you put the tea in an insulated cup or glass it usually will... Read More →

Soundproof Windows Easy Installations

Our soundproof windows have been used in high-rise apartments, hotels, busy city centers and historical homes and buildings. With our latest update to our soundproofing process, renovators and owners no longer need to settle or live with disturbing outside noise. Not only do our soundproof windows reduce energy costs, but adding the inner window provides an additional layer of insulation which will stop unwanted air infiltration through the window seals, all while putting a constant squeeze on the glass panels, preventing sound leaks and stopping noise from vibrating through the glass. Our product is unique in that it is designed so you do not have to replace your existing windows. Soundproof windows rehabilitate your existing windows without having to remove or replace the windows in your home, making... Read More →

Have You Tried Everything? Try Soundproof

After the time we’ve spent in the industry, we tend to get quite a few people coming to us with frustrations and comments about ‘soundproof’ materials, ‘soundproof’ windows that aren’t ours, and a lot about STC Ratings. The partial relief you might experience by replacing your windows is only a temporary solution at best. The engineering needed for sound is quite different than for handling temperature. That’s why people looking for noise relief who simply replace their dual pane windows are often disappointed. Important Some manufacturers don’t provide the STC rating for their entire window but instead only give the rating for the glass they use. Since the entire window needs to stop the sound, disclosing the STC rating of the glass alone gives an... Read More →

How Does Soundproof Glass Work?

Soundproof Windows do not Remove or Replace Your Existing Windows, they help make your windows better.  The windows are the major noise problem in over 90% of the cases. Our soundproof windows are second windows placed behind your existing windows. Our windows insulate, stop drafts, soundproof and more. They open and close just like your existing windows, and offer more benefits than replacement windows – at a significantly lower cost. What About Double Pane Windows? While double pane windows do stop a little more noise than single pane windows, IGU (dual pane) glass is not very effective. In a quiet environment, it becomes very quiet. In a noisy environment, you hardly notice the difference. Our secret to a truly soundproof window? Laminated glass.  But, that’s... Read More →

Important Information About Dual Pane Windows

First of all, you don’t need them. If you have them … Soundproof Windows can double their life expectancy, though! If you don’t own dual pane windows, we can help you avoid them. Life Expectancy of Dual Pane Windows Guarantees aside, the life expectancy of dual paned windows is less than 15 years. This number represents a reasonable life expectancy of the best dual pane windows. Guarantees are a serious concern within the glass industry. It is either a huge liability for a company or it is a guarantee of repeat customers, depending on how the guarantee is written. Given the true life expectancy, you will be replacing all the glass and/or the windows after 10-20 years. There are two exceptions where you may not... Read More →