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Do Soundproof Windows Really Work?

Many of us would prefer to have a quieter home. Whether you live near an airport, busy intersection, freeway, a construction site, a playground or a school, chances are you’re fed up with unwanted noise. You might have heard of soundproof windows or soundproof sliding glass doors, but you aren’t sure if they really work and if they are worth the investment. In this article we discuss the facts about soundproof windows and soundproof sliding glass doors. Are Soundproof Windows Really “Soundproof”? Many associate the word “soundproof” with silence. We’re not aware of any commercially available windows that stop 100% of sound, but our windows reduce noise better than any other product on the market. The first thing you need to know about soundproof windows... Read More →

Sound Proof Installation Is Easier Than You Think

Most of us enjoy a quiet home, a quiet office, a quiet hotel room, etc. Besides enjoying “the quiet” for quiet’s sake, many of us may not know the advantages of silence. We at Soundproof Windows know the value of a little peace and quiet. Noise, or lack thereof, can affect sleep, productivity and general happiness. Many of us long for quieter environments but think they are difficult, costly or a pain to achieve. This is simply not the case! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the maladies associated with noise pollution, the benefits of quiet environments and exactly how easy it is to create a quieter space. Noise Pollution Isn’t That Bad For Sleep, Is It? Noisy neighborhood parties, lawn care, pedestrians, school... Read More →

What Is the Ideal Hotel Window?

As populations continue to grow, especially in urban sectors, noise pollution also continues to grow. Casino hotels, resort casinos, and standard hotels across the world are tasked with designing rooms optimized for comfort, security, and functionality. Savvy room designers must consider which bed and bedding to purchase, which carpet or flooring, which drapes or blinds, which windows, which televisions, which refrigerators, which microwaves, which sinks, etc. As such, soundproof hotel rooms have become something for room designers to strive towards. One key component to the soundproofing of any room is the hotel window itself. In this article, we’ll examine what properties the ideal hotel window possesses. Characteristics of the Ideal Hotel Window While it may not be possible to address all of the following factors... Read More →

How to Soundproof a Room from Outside Noise

Okay, so you want to soundproof a room from outside noise. Whether you’re looking to soundproof hotel rooms, apartment complexes, condominiums, business buildings, or your own home, we at Soundproof Windows would like to offer some helpful information. In this article we’ll discuss sound-absorbing materials, sound-blocking materials, reverberation, and more. How Do Materials Absorb and Block Sound? Sound-absorption materials do not block sound. Sound-absorption materials reduce the bouncing and echoing of soundwaves in a given room. Sound-absorbers alter soundwave paths and convert the energy to heat. You’ll often see sound-absorbing devices constructed with foams and ‘squishy’ materials. Sound-absorbers are designed to reduce the reverberation in a room. Reverberation refers to the continuance of sound in a room after it was originally produced. When soundwaves get... Read More →

Windows and Doors are the Noise Problem

Our soundproof windows are second windows placed behind your existing windows. Our windows insulate, stop drafts, soundproof and more. They open and close just like your existing windows, and offer more benefits than replacement windows – at a significantly lower cost. Soundproof Windows has many satisfied customers. This section of our website details real-life situations where soundproofing and soundproofing windows have solved the noise problems of some of our residential and commercial customers. If Your Goal is to… Save Energy It doesn’t matter that Soundproof Windows weren’t specifically designed for energy efficiency, they achieve it! Many customers contact us because they cannot replace their windows or do not wish to, but need to save on energy bills. One of our case studies, located in Reno, NV, where... Read More →

How to Soundproof Windows

How do I soundproof my windows? I can’t take the noise anymore! Does this sound familiar? Is this how you feel every morning when you wake up? (BEFORE your alarm, because of who-knows-what.) While there are many articles about best replacement windows, windows seals, soundproof panels, and DIY soundproofing, solving your noise problem for good starts and ends with Soundproof Windows. A Soundproof Window is a second window placed behind your existing window that opens and closes just like your current one – there is no need to remove or replace your window to eliminate noise problems. No construction mess or down time to install our soundproof windows. The noise problems are seldom the walls but are always the windows. Only in extreme noise environments... Read More →

What Are the Cheapest Options for Soundproofing a Boardroom?

You have a few! Are you asking yourself what the cheapest options for soundproofing a boardroom are? Well, look no further. Soundproof Windows is the cheapest options for soundproofing your boardroom on the market today. We stop the noise. The constant distraction of noise can interfere with your work and cause miscommunication and frustration in the workplace. This can adversely affect your performance at school or work. Your relationships with others can suffer. Studies of hundreds of offices and homes show that a far greater amount of noise comes through the windows, not the walls.” While many people spend thousands of dollars on “soundproofing” the walls of their buildings, laboratory studies show that more than 90% of all the exterior noise comes in through doors and... Read More →

Cheap Window Noise Blocker

We’re the cheap window noise blocker. And we have been for a long time. The best part? Soundproof Windows do not Remove or Replace Your Existing Windows. Soundproof Windows rehabilitate your existing windows! There is no need for window replacement. As a cheap window noise blocker, our services have been called upon time and time again to help our customers stop the noise in apartments, stop the noise in hotels, and even noisy roads that can be hurting small businesses. It may have been a great deal, but you’re paying for it! Use soundproof windows as your cheap window noise blocker. There’s no construction, they’re quick, easy, and painless, and installation usually takes less than 30 minutes. A Soundproof Window is a second window placed behind your existing... Read More →

Where is the Sound Actually Coming From?

This is a question we get asked quite often, and more often than not, when people begin to try a DIY approach to soundproofing their homes or studios, they end up spending money and material that is not needed, or the material is put in the wrong spaces in the studio or home. The first step in solving any noise problem is to identify where the noise is entering your environment. Studies of hundreds of offices and homes show that a far greater amount of noise comes through the windows, not the walls. While many people spend thousands of dollars on “soundproofing” the walls of their buildings, laboratory studies show that more than 90% of all the exterior noise comes in through doors and windows.... Read More →