Should I Replace My Windows?

Many of us have never purchased new windows. In fact, window repairs and upgrades are also uncommon. If your windows aren’t broken, why fix them, right? When finances are tight, it may seem difficult to justify home upgrades. Even when homeowners feel financially secure, the multitude of window companies and the myriad of window options available are staggering. This article answers the question, “Should I replace my windows?” We also discuss reasons to consider changing your windows, how many you should change at a time, which window types are available and factors you should consider while deciding.

Why Would You Want to Replace Your Windows?

stop unwanted noise, increase energy savings, fortify your security graphicThere are a wide variety of reasons you might consider replacing, upgrading or otherwise changing your windows.

One element to consider is the curb appeal your home has. Whether you recently purchased your home, or you plan to sell it, the look of your home from the street is a significant factor in the home’s overall aesthetics and value. Dated or beat up windows can be major eyesores that also decrease a home’s worth.

Another reason you might consider a change to your window situation is that your current windows simply aren’t doing their jobs. Do windows really have a job? We argue, yes! An effective window stops noise and drafts. It also helps to maintain an ambient, comfortable temperature in the home. An exceptional window will also add aesthetic appeal and security to a home.

We know windows that look good from the curb are valuable, but homeowners should also consider how windows help to create an attractive indoor environment. Poor quality windows can throw off otherwise attractive home décor.

Which Windows Are Best?

The best window-type for your exact situation is largely based on the features and benefits you seek. In our mind at Soundproof Windows, we want windows that deliver all the available features and benefits that current technology allows. We realize that budget is a major factor when deciding which investment is best. The key here is thinking about long-term value and not the quick fix. Here are just some of the many options available to you.

  • Vinyl windows
  • Single pane windows / Single paned windows
  • Dual pane glass / dual paned windows
  • Double hung windows
  • Wood windows
  • Pane glass / single paned / paned windows
  • Storm windows
  • Soundproof windows

Each of these window-types come at a different cost and provide a different value to the homeowner. Many believe that storm windows are an economical option that deliver more value than single pane windows. Storm windows are installed behind or in front of preexisting single pane windows. These windows offer some energy savings, but they don’t do much to soundproof a room from outside noise.

Soundproof windows double as storm windows in that they provide have exceptional insulation properties. These windows also stop noise at an impressive margin. A soundproof window can reduce noise levels by 75-95%.

10 Question to Ask When Choosing New Windows

  • Are your current windows damaged, worn or dated?
  • What energy efficiency do your current windows have?
  • Do replacement windows offer additional energy savings and are energy efficient windows worth the price?
  • How are your current windows affecting your energy bills?
  • Do your current windows work with or against your current heating and cooling system?
  • Are you current or prospective windows draft and storm-ready?
  • Do you current windows appear dated?
  • Will your new windows contribute positively to the indoor and outdoor look of your home?
  • How long has it been since your current windows have been replaced?
  • How long do you want your new windows to last?

*Beware of the ‘lifetime warranty’ advertised for new windows. The ‘lifetime’ may not refer to your lifetime, but instead the expected shelf-life of the window.

Are Soundproof Windows Worth the Investment?

Soundproof window diagramFirst, we should talk about how many windows you are looking to upgrade or replace. Homes come in many varieties, each with their own window situations. Replacing windows by room or by whole house will depend on your budget. Remember that you’re likely to alter your window situation at sparse intervals, in some cases only every 25 years.

Given these quarter-century investments, it behooves you to invest in windows that stop noise, provide energy savings, can be installed quickly and cleanly, add aesthetic appeal and security.

It just so happens that our Soundproof Windows check every one of those boxes.

Our windows make use of three important technologies:

  • Ample space between your preexisting window and your new soundproof window. Rather than replacing your current windows, our soundproof windows supplement your current windows. The greater the space between the windows, the more noise gets stopped. This feature is also a major player in your home’s energy efficiency. The air space depicted in the diagram reduces the strain on your heating and cooling system. Because our windows supplement your current windows, aesthetic value of your home goes way up without breaking the bank.
  • Additional material applied to the glass itself. We cover our glass in plastic on each side to create what is known as a “laminated window”. This lamination process reduces noise pollution into your home as well as adding increased security to your home. Laminated glass cannot be broken quietly or quickly.
  • Lastly, our windows exert optimal pressure between the window and the frame. The greater the pressure, the less that noise can penetrate a home. This feature also helps with energy savings by reducing drafts.

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