HD Expo – Las Vegas – May 4th – 6th

The HD Expo is just around the corner, and Soundproof Windows is excited to be a part of the event! Dedicated to bringing the interior design industry, architects, owners/operators, developers, specifiers and purchasers the best available resources for their projects, the HD Expo promises to be an exciting few days in Las Vegas! Make sure to come visit us at Booth #4091. We’d love the opportunity to discuss how we can help eliminate your noise problems and the complaints that come with them! Click here for more about Soundproof Windows Click here for more about the HD Expo See you in Las Vegas! #HDEXPO16 #HDEXPO

NAB Show 2016!!

The NAB Show 2016 is fast approaching and Soundproof Windows would love to see you there! The event is being held in Las Vegas from May 16th to the 21st. Attendees and Vendors representing every sector of the industry will be there, so don’t miss out! Stop at booth C1134 to find out how we can help with your Soundproofing needs!  #NABSHOW

NAB SHOW 2016 – How do you say Free?

    “Gratis!”  “Libre!”  “Gratuito!” – No matter how you say it, or where you call home, everyone loves FREE! Soundproof Windows would love to see you at the NAB Show, being held in Las Vegas from May 16th to the 21st. Register before 4/1, and you can get a free Exhibits Pass on us! Click here to complete your registration, and use code LV2647 for your free Exhibits Pass! Stop at booth C1134 to find out how we can help with your Soundproofing needs! Attendees and Vendors representing every sector of the industry will be there, so don’t miss out! #NABSHOW      

NAMM2016 – “MUG” shots

  The NAMM 2016 event in Anaheim was amazing! We’ve finally caught up enough to post some pictures for you. While working the event, we met tons of great people, passed out thousands of coffee mugs and, simply put, ROCKED the event! If you’d like to check out our “mug” shots, just click HERE to find our NAMM 2016 photo album on Facebook!

Congratulations to SIA Acoustics!

        Soundproof Windows would like to congratulate SIA Acoustics for their recent NAMM TEC Award nomination in Outstanding Creative Achievement, for “Best Studio Design Project”, recognizing their design of the new 800 square foot multi-use performance venue, Allyworld. Allowing Airshow the ability to track larger bands, choirs, and classical ensembles, this addition is an amazing piece of work and well deserving of this prestigious nomination. Soundproof Windows is proud to have had our Sliding Glass Recording Studio Doors  chosen to be a part of their outstanding design. It’s an honor for us to be in such amazing company, along with VUE AudioTechnik, RealAcoustix, and Kinetics Noise Control! Keep up the incredible work SIA Acoustics!

In the Hospitality industry perception is everything

Let’s face it, in the Hospitality industry you have enough on your plate when it comes to improving your guests’ perceptions. Perceptions of your bedding, your food service, your shower heads, elevators, carpets, soaps. Even perceptions of the hairstyles your front desk personnel might be wearing that day. We know the list can go on for pages. If you were to make improvements to every guest perception fathomable, and didn’t do a thing about the noise coming into their rooms from the outside world, most of your work may be wasted completely. Studies show that noise is “perceived” to be much louder, even if the noise levels are increased by seemingly small amounts. The actual impact on the individual can be huge with just the... Read More →

Ready to Rock the #NAMM2016 Event!

The Soundproof Windows crew is getting ready to make the drive south, to the #NAMM2016 convention! If you’ve ever wondered what a couple thousand coffee mugs packed into a Sprinter van looks like, here you go. As the leader in Soundproof Windows, Sliding Glass Doors and Acoustical Steel Doors, we’re excited to make the trip to Anaheim. Our products can be found deployed across the U.S. and abroad, as we custom design and manufacture to meet the needs of everything from Recording Studios, to Hotels to Residential clientele. We’ll be setup in Booth #2465 (Exhibit Hall D), so stop by to talk with us about how we can help with your projects!

The New Year is here – how about a new solution to your sound problem?

Begin your new year with quiet that enables you to concentrate, and silence that allows you to sleep. Arrange for Soundproof Windows and Doors, Inc. to install custom windows/doors in your home or office, and you’ll block out annoying traffic noise and other distractions.

At Long Last! The Elusive Soundproof Windows Truck is Spotted!

Our Soundproof Windows big-rig is traveling around the country! Please give us a shout if you see it in your area!

139th Audio Engineering Society Show

Here are a few photos of our booth at the 139th Audio Engineering Society tradeshow, in NYC. There was a lot of excitement from booth visitors as we demonstrated some of our new products.