STC Ratings are Important and Here’s Why

looking out soundproof window

We’ve talked in previous blogs about soundproofing windows, how easy they are to install and their STC ratings, but why do we include the rating?

An STC Rating is the rate of how well a building handles airborne sound. So, things like interior partitions, ceilings, floors, doors, windows and exterior wall configurations all utilize the STC rating system.

Soundproof Windows can provide soundproof sliding doors and soundproof windows that will end your noise problem for good, with an STC rating that is the highest offered on the soundproofing market today. More often than not, noise is let in through your windows not your walls, and by installing a soundproof window in your home, office or studio you will reduce the noise in your building by 95%.

STC ratings are a very important number to consider before installing any soundproofing technology. Soundproof Windows offer a product unlike any other – our windows attached to pre-existing panes! With next to no clean-up Soundproof Windows guarantees satisfaction and relief from the noise outside of your home, office or various other buildings.

The higher the STC rating, the more sound the window will block. Soundproof Windows is proud and dedicated to providing a protect that not only works, but is the best out there.

If you are ready to reduce the noise in your life and finally take care of your noise pollution problem, contact the expert and friendly staff at Soundproof Windows today.