Hotel Mark Twain finds Peace and Quiet!

Built in 1928, the Hotel Mark Twain is an amazing Boutique Hotel, located in the heart of San Francisco’s Shopping District. Within walking distance of Union Square, Market Street, countless restaurants, and great local activities. The Hotel and location are both extraordinary, but being a “Big City” Hotel also comes with its challenges. One challenge, in particular, was at one time thought to be impossible or impractical to address? The NOISE…

The traffic on a very busy Taylor Street, night clubs, restaurants, and pedestrians enjoying their San Francisco adventures. All making their own contributions to the choir of San Francisco’s city noise, nearly 24/7. To make things even more of a challenge, the Hotel Mark Twain is a Historical site. This means that any changes to the exterior facade, including windows, are strictly prohibited. But now, along with a recent interior renovation project, they have also found a way to address the noise. It wasn’t impossible, or impractical or even overly difficult for that matter. They found Soundproof Windows, Inc.

Soundproof Windows, Inc. has been meeting the noise challenge head-on since 1998. Music and movie studios, corporate, residential and Hospitality clients have all found the peace and quite they so desperately needed.

Everyone at Soundproof Windows, Inc. is very excited to be working with such a great client. So excited in fact, that we weren’t able to wait for the project to be complete to share the news. Ryan Sandquist, our lead install partner, has the project well in hand and has sent us some shots to show how things are progressing.

The noise will be under control in short order and the guests of the Hotel Mark Twain will have one more thing to rave about, Peace and Quiet!