Come see us at the 139th AES Show, in NYC!

Soundproof Windows is going to be at the 139th Audio Engineering Society’s convention in NYC, Oct. 30- Nov.1. Come and see our booth, and learn about all our exciting new products! AES has made life easier for both exhibitors and their clients who wish to attend the 139th AES Convention in New York. In doing so, they have set up an online VIP “Exhibits-Plus” registration for us to give to our clients and friends. The site is personalized for our company. Ou exclusive address is: Please take advantage of this easy way to visit our booth!

Condo noise reduction – happy customer!

Here’s something one of our East Coast customers recently wrote us about their Sooundproof windows, newly installed in their condo: “The soundproofing has worked really well. At first, I didn’t think they did too much since I was hypersensitive to any noise outside testing the windows. But, day-to-day, I realize I am not affected by the same noises that bothered me in the past. The noise intrusion went from obnoxious to barely and rarely noticeable. My guests have remarked on it, too. My quality of life has certainly improved in my condo and I attribute that to these windows.” B- Find out more – contact us!

Look at the doors we created for musician/band “Airshow, Inc.”

And here’s what they had to say about us on their social media site: “Fabric on the walls is looking great! And the doors from Soundproof Windows Inc. work well to keep nice separation between the rooms.” Airshow, Inc.

Silence near airport?

Our offices are in an industrial park near an airport runway- yet with the incredible soundproofing capabilities of these windows, we can’t even hear the airplanes arriving or taking off!

Ah! Time for a nice, cool siesta…

Our company mascot!

Soundproof Windows wishes you a happy (and safe) Fourth of July!

Keep your home insulated from the sounds of fireworks and firecrackers, by soundproofing your windows and doors. Your pets will thank you.

Summer is here!

Let the light in, keep the noise and heat out.