Frames and Mounting – Measure Your Windows for Soundproofing

Measuring your windows for your new soundproof home, soundproof office, or soundproof studio is so easy! At Soundproof Windows, we try to make sure the process to buy and install soundproof windows is as painless as possible.

One easy way to get started is to download our measurement form. The form can be filled out using Adobe Acrobat Reader, or may be filled out by hand, whichever you prefer! You have the option to print, fax, or email the form to us.

Our Measure Your Windows page has a list of helpful hints to help you properly fill out the form as well as different window types. Or, you can contact us directly to discuss your soundproof window measurement options.

Soundproof window framing and mounting variations include a variety of frame combinations that will allow Soundproof Windows to mount our soundproof technology to any wall surface. Of course, the most common mounting options such as surface mounts, surface mounts with sills, and flush mounts, are most used, that does not mean we do not have a window option that will fit your home or office’s needs.

Our soundproof windows not only solve your noise problem, they leave no construction mess and can solve insulation problems, drafts, and more. Our soundproof windows open and close just like your existing windows and will fit on the existing window.

There is no need for window replacement when you’re in Soundproof Windows’ hands! We will be able to rehabilitate your existing windows quickly, efficiently, and with virtually no mess.

Contact the professionals at Soundproof Windows today for a free estimate so you can start reducing the noise and finally get back to life.