Soundproofing Windows in Hotels Reduces Overall Cost

Are you a hotel owner? Or maybe you’re someone who has slept in a room that was located in a noisy hotel? Either way, you can see how soundproofing windows in hotels have resulted in increased satisfaction and reduced energy costs. A great hotel is one located close to the heart of the city you’re staying in – allowing you access to food, fun and new friends. But many times while these hotels are close to the action, when you’re finally ready to wind down you find that it is next to impossible. From cars zipping past on the freeway, road construction, bustling city streets and loud neighbors, your hotel experience is greatly affected by how much noise your room actually lets in. Poorly sealed... Read More →

STC Ratings are Important and Here’s Why

We’ve talked in previous blogs about soundproofing windows, how easy they are to install and their STC ratings, but why do we include the rating? An STC Rating is the rate of how well a building handles airborne sound. So, things like interior partitions, ceilings, floors, doors, windows and exterior wall configurations all utilize the STC rating system. Soundproof Windows can provide soundproof sliding doors and soundproof windows that will end your noise problem for good, with an STC rating that is the highest offered on the soundproofing market today. More often than not, noise is let in through your windows not your walls, and by installing a soundproof window in your home, office or studio you will reduce the noise in your building by... Read More →

Soundproof Sliding Glass Doors

The New Year tends to inspire us. Whether it is to work on ourselves or our homes, there are a few fires under us in the early beginnings of January. At Soundproof Windows, we don’t offer just soundproof windows, we offer doors too! You will find that our soundproof sliding glass doors offer the same high STC Rating as our other products, and are just as effective as our windows at stopping the noise. Our soundproof sliding glass doors can be mounted inside or outside of your existing sliding glass door. Soundproof Windows sliding glass doors will reduce noise by at least 75%, add much-needed insulation to your home as we move into the colder months of the year, as well as added security. Laminated glass increases... Read More →

Frames and Mounting – Measure Your Windows for Soundproofing

Measuring your windows for your new soundproof home, soundproof office, or soundproof studio is so easy! At Soundproof Windows, we try to make sure the process to buy and install soundproof windows is as painless as possible. One easy way to get started is to download our measurement form. The form can be filled out using Adobe Acrobat Reader, or may be filled out by hand, whichever you prefer! You have the option to print, fax, or email the form to us. Our Measure Your Windows page has a list of helpful hints to help you properly fill out the form as well as different window types. Or, you can contact us directly to discuss your soundproof window measurement options. Soundproof window framing and mounting... Read More →

Soundproof Windows: As Affordable as DIY Soundproofing

At Soundproof Windows we know how important your living and workspace is to you. If you began to search for quick soundproofing fixes, alternatives to replacing your windows, and have used everything from egg cartons to foam, we have good news for you. We have an affordable and attractive option for soundproofing your windows. No more band-aid fixes that don’t add value to your home. Soundproof Windows are the answer to noise problems and here’s why: 1.We’re fast  Installing Soundproof Windows will take no longer than a day, and in most cases, no longer than a few hours. 2. No heavy construction  If you have been avoiding soundproofing your home office or living room because of the construction involved, don’t worry. Our soundproofing technology will... Read More →

Soundproof Windows for Your New Apartment

You’ve just landed your dream job, packed up your car with boxes and clothes, and you’re headed to the city for the opportunity of a lifetime. You’re so excited to get settled into your new apartment, meet your new coworkers and see what this new place has to offer. There’s one problem, you’re new apartment is in the heart of downtown – you planned it that way, but you didn’t plan for the noise. The cars zooming past the freeway at all hours of the night, your new city seems to never sleep and now, neither can you. Don’t let the sounds of the city get you down, Soundproof Windows can help. Our STC ratings are the highest on the market today and we know... Read More →

Low-Cost Soundproofing Options

There are many ways we try to stifle noise outside our offices, homes, classrooms and studios. Many people will tell you that egg cartons (stuffed with newspaper), blankets and even vinyl weather stripping is the low-cost soundproofing answer to all your noise problems. These options may make a very, very small dent in reducing noise to your space, but they are only a temporary solution. For those of us that have considerable noise pollution problems – trains, busy city streets, on-going construction, insane neighbors, you name it – we need a stronger solution than an egg carton. At Soundproof Windows, we offer low-cost soundproofing options for your room, office and studio unlike any other soundproofing competition on the market. The best part? We won’t have... Read More →

Soundproof Windows at Your Business Will Increase Revenue

Soundproof windows are no longer an amenity you cannot afford. In fact, the installation of a soundproof window will profit your company in ways you wouldn’t believe. 1. Distractions at the office: It can be hard to get into work mode and so easy to be drawn out of it. Cleaning crews, garbage trucks, landscapers, construction crews – maybe your business is in the heart of downtown? Soundproof windows will increase your employee’s work by allowing for direct focus on immediate tasks rather than focus on the noise outside. 2. Extra privacy: Needless to say aspects of every business do have a need for privacy. Important meetings, monetary discussions, mergers, the list goes on. Soundproof windows easily add extra security to your business and its... Read More →

Reduce the Noise, Get Back to Life

You’re sitting at home, relaxed next to your newspaper and morning coffee, the ritual begins. You begin to peruse the headlines, skip the political jargon, and right as you settle in to your favorite opinion piece the walls begin to shake, the china starts rattling, it’s another train. Don’t live life interrupted. Soundproof Windows provide a service that cannot be beat by anything on the market today. Their product affords an extra layer to the windows in your home, garage, R.V., you name it, to keep the outside world to just that, outside. For those that live in big cities, near airports, or better, just got off an 8 hour flight to your perfect hotel room, right by the airport… where you can hear each plan land and take-off… a Soundproof... Read More →

Prevent Poor Social Media Reviews by Soundproofing

This is a great article recently published Hospitality Technology, by Mark Everton, Area Managing Director, Commune Hotels and Resorts. With help from Soundproof Windows, guests are happier and TripAdvisor now ranks the Waterfront Hotel at No. 2 out of 48 Oakland hotels, up from No.9. Link to the article: