Low-Cost Soundproofing Options

There are many ways we try to stifle noise outside our offices, homes, classrooms and studios. Many people will tell you that egg cartons (stuffed with newspaper), blankets and even vinyl weather stripping is the low-cost soundproofing answer to all your noise problems.

These options may make a very, very small dent in reducing noise to your space, but they are only a temporary solution. For those of us that have considerable noise pollution problems – trains, busy city streets, on-going construction, insane neighbors, you name it – we need a stronger solution than an egg carton.

At Soundproof Windows, we offer low-cost soundproofing options for your room, office and studio unlike any other soundproofing competition on the market. The best part? We won’t have to remove any of your existing windows, lowering the cost and reducing the time of installation. Soundproof Windows will transform your noisy atmosphere into a space of complete peace and quiet.

At Soundproof Studios we believe in providing a service unlike any other. Our soundproof windows have the highest STC Rating on the market, and we offer free estimates! Let Soundproof Studios transform your space to reflect a setting you’re excited to get back to.

Contact us today to reduce your noise levels by 95%.