Soundproofing Windows in Hotels Reduces Overall Cost

hotel living room with soundproof windows

Are you a hotel owner?

Or maybe you’re someone who has slept in a room that was located in a noisy hotel? Either way, you can see how soundproofing windows in hotels have resulted in increased satisfaction and reduced energy costs.

A great hotel is one located close to the heart of the city you’re staying in – allowing you access to food, fun and new friends. But many times while these hotels are close to the action, when you’re finally ready to wind down you find that it is next to impossible.

From cars zipping past on the freeway, road construction, bustling city streets and loud neighbors, your hotel experience is greatly affected by how much noise your room actually lets in. Poorly sealed rooms may result in your customers being very unhappy, forced to change rooms, demand refunds or even leave a negative review about your business.

All of these situations are easily avoidable by installing soundproof windows in your hotel. Hospitality-specific soundproofing exists through Soundproof Windows with the highest STC ratings on the market today.

Soundproof Windows has designed a product that is essentially a “second window” fitted to the outer or existing windows and is made to function like the original window – regardless of its opening or closing abilities.

By soundproofing your windows with this product you will reduce outside noise by 95%, which not only makes guests happy, but provides benefits such as reduced energy costs. By adding to the inner window you are creating an additional layer of insulation which will reduce the heating-cooling portion of energy bills by 15-30%.

Contact the friendly and helpful staff at Soundproof Windows today for a window consultation and let’s get started on reducing the noise in your hotel today.