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The “Biggest Little City in the World” May Also Become the Quietest

  Nationwide Soundproof Windows company moves to the Silver State.   RENO, NV (PRWEB) January 22, 2008 — The much anticipated move to Reno, Nevada, has finally happened for the previously California-based company, Soundproof Windows. After many years in the San Francisco Bay Area, the decision to relocate was made more attractive due to lower costs and the business-friendly climate in Nevada. Since the majority of the business is nationwide and not just in California, this move made even more sense. “We have increased our warehouse space by 50%, purchased a fleet of Dodge Sprinters, hired more people, and see this as a huge opportunity to increase our production capacity yet again,” said Soundproof Windows’ president, Randy Brown. “We are excited to be in this... Read More →

Icon Hotel, Houston, TX

In a move designed to improve the overall experience for guests at their luxury hotel, Soundproof Windows was invited in the fall of 2007 to help with this project by installing 340 soundproofing windows. The comment now most heard from guests is: “This is the quietest place I have ever been!” If Rockn Jazz doesn’t Rock you to sleep then there’s good news from Hotel Icon. Downtown Hotel Installs 340 Soundproof Windows to Improve Sleep Experience for Guests HOUSTON (October 31, 2007) – If the downtown Houston beat won’t let you sleep, then Hotel ICON has great news for you. As part of its commitment to providing guests with the most comfortable stay in downtown Houston, the hotel recently installed 340 soundproof windows. The new... Read More →

Dan Bernstein – Pane & Suffering

Published by, The Press Enterprise April 18, 2007 I never pegged March’s Joint Clown Act Authority and DHL for visionaries until Bernie Donahue sent me a copy of a postcard. “It’s a new twist on the 3 a.m. wake-up services,” he wrote. Soundproof Windows, a Bay Area concern, sent the postcard to Bernie’s Riverside abode. “Don’t replace your windows. Soundproof them. Reduce noise levels by 75-95 per cent.” Scott Ronsee, Soundproof’s marketing chief, says his company gets calls about “noise problems” ranging from parakeets to boom boxes. Planes? “An airport changing its flight path? Yeah, there’s a market.” (The DHL flight path, now charted six nights weekly, hasn’t really changed. It’s relatively new. And, to some residents, very, very old.) The Soundproof Windows biz... Read More →

New York Times Real Estate

Your Home SectionLaminated Windows Keep Out the Din By Jay Romano Published March 11, 2007 Excerpt GOOD windows keep out rain and snow, and better windows keep out cold, wind and heat. But most windows aren’t very good at stopping noise. …Do-it-yourselfers can buy custom-made soundproof windows from suppliers like in Fremont, Calif. Randy Brown, the owner of the company, said that home or apartment owners take their own measurements, following the instructions on the company’s Web site, and send them in. The company then makes the soundproof interior windows to the customer’s specifications, using quarter-inch laminated glass. “If you can use a power screwdriver,” Mr. Brown said, “you can install our windows.” He noted that in addition to reducing the noise, properly installed... Read More →

Soundproof Windows Aids Katrina Victims

Company Wide Memo – Written by Soundproof Windows President Randy Brown From:  Randy Brown To:     All Sales Personnel, Staff Re:     Relief Effort – Hurricane Katrina September 7, 2005 All: Effective immediately, 3% of all window sales (not including freight, crating, taxes, and other special charges) through 21 Sep 05 is being donated to a special fund to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans flood. Please advise all prospective customers immediately. We are very serious about helping these people and believe our customers are also. So, make sure to spread the word… This is not some marketing ploy that never comes to pass. We have already amassed, purchased and otherwise aquired ½ of a trailerload of stuff. 10’s of 1000’s of plastic and paper... Read More →

Soundproof Windows Sponsored Food Drive

Soundproof Windows Sponsors 1st Annual Food Drive

National Noise Epidemic Calls for Soundproofing

Ever increasing noise levels impact millions more each year, causing increased stress, disturbed sleep patterns and a deteriorating quality of life. FREMONT, CA (PRWEB) April 11, 2005 — Without soundproofing, peace and quiet is almost impossible to achieve. The US Census Bureau estimates a population rise of 5% by 2010, which is a major contributor to the noise problem. Additionally, air traffic is expected to grow 4.3% annually through 2015 and automobile ownership is projected to grow over 15% by 2010 in some areas. The escalation in noise has resulted in dozens of noise-related lawsuits against next door neighbors, airports, railroads, nightclubs, supermarkets and dog owners, citing everything from noise-induced hearing loss, non-physical stress and annoyance, noise pollution, to disturbing the peace and quiet. Many... Read More →

On the House Express Newsletter, December 2004

  Creating Peace and Quiet In Your Home Peace and quiet in your home is possible. If you can hear traffic, barking dogs, trains or other noises while inside your home – you may want to know how to stop all that noise. Sleep longer in the morning, read in quiet solitude, or relax and block out the world around you. You can create a quiet oasis from the noisy outside environment. Noise enters the home through your windows and doors. The walls are always better at stopping noise than your windows. So, the first place to look is your windows and glass doors. Whether you have the older single pane windows or the newer dual pane windows, you can do more to stop the... Read More →

Soundproof Windows Reverse Silicon Valley Exodus Trend

Bucking the trend to leave the Silicon Valley, Soundproof Windows, nationally distributed manufacturer of specialty windows for noise abatement, expands its facilities to Fremont, California. FREMONT, CA (PRWEB) September 27, 2004 — While many high-tech firms are leaving, Soundproof Windows is moving their facility that manufactures high-tech windows into the Silicon Valley. After three years on the outskirts of the San Francisco Bay Area, Soundproof Windows has quadrupled its facilities by relocating to Fremont, California. The recent crash and other factors have created an exodus of many companies from the San Francisco Bay Area. With space now more affordable and a good labor pool available, Soundproof Windows is reversing the trend and moving into the heart of the Silicon Valley. “The central location will... Read More →

Washington Post Article

Quiet Time Bringing Peace and Calm Back to the House By Ann Marie Moriarty Excerpt …But local homeowners can get a product with a long history of working in existing homes. It’s called the Soundproof Window, and although it’s made in California, more than 90 percent of sales take place via the Internet ( Bob Gray, executive vice president of Soundproof Windows in Antioch, Calif., describes his window as a very thick laminated glass — glass with a plastic layer between glass layers — in an aluminum frame. There’s a sound-deadening system built into the frame, with spring-loaded channels to keep the glass still, so it can’t vibrate. There’s also a foam gasket between the frame and the wall, and caulk seals the unit inside... Read More →