On the House Express Newsletter, December 2004



Creating Peace and Quiet In Your Home

Peace and quiet in your home is possible. If you can hear traffic, barking dogs, trains or other noises while inside your home – you may want to know how to stop all that noise. Sleep longer in the morning, read in quiet solitude, or relax and block out the world around you. You can create a quiet oasis from the noisy outside environment.

Noise enters the home through your windows and doors. The walls are always better at stopping noise than your windows. So, the first place to look is your windows and glass doors. Whether you have the older single pane windows or the newer dual pane windows, you can do more to stop the noise.

For Homes with Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows do not stop that much noise. They are also usually old enough to leak air and more noise into the house too. Replacing them with a good quality dual pane window will reduce noise levels by up to 25%. However, if you do not choose the right style and glass thickness, the noise levels can actually go up instead of down. You should buy dual pane windows that have at least a one inch thick glass assembly. The glass should be 1/8 inch thick on one side and at least 3/16ths thick on the other side. This is still a very economical add-on cost to the windows and gives you the most noise reduction for the dollars spent. Other options like low-e or argon gas may be nice, but they do virtually nothing to reduce the noise levels.

For Homes with Dual Pane Windows

If you already have dual pane windows it is very doubtful that you can replace them and improve the amount of noise they stop by very much. Buying replacement dual pane windows as described above may decrease you noise levels by only about 10% over what you already have.

Reducing the Noise Even More

The bad news is that 10% to 25% noise reduction is nice, but not good enough to solve many of the noise problems that you may have. Making a quiet neighborhood real quiet is great, but making a noisy neighborhood only 25% quieter is not enough.

Soundproof Windows are designed to be second windows that you add to your existing windows. They are high-tech windows specifically designed to stop noise. They will reduce your current noise levels by 75%. Even more is possible. This means we can cut your noise levels in half, and then cut that amount in half again. This is enough noise reduction to solve almost any noise problems you may have. It may make your home into a sound studio oasis of quiet. You can learn a lot more by visiting our website at www.soundproofwindows.com.

We also have a great solution for stopping the noise coming in through sliding glass doors.

Other Perks

There are significant other benefits. You can significantly reduce energy costs even if you already have dual pane windows. Do you remember how much you saved when you replaced your single pane windows with the dual pane windows? You can save that much again by adding our windows. Our windows insulate and stop air infiltration, which significantly adds to your energy costs. Our windows also block 99% of all harmful ultraviolet light.

In Summary

Noise is unhealthy. Sleeping with noise disturbs your deep sleep patterns and requires you to get more hours of sleep to make up for it. You “get use to it” by learning to sleep longer or getting by with less rest. While noise adds to stress, a quiet environment can quickly reduce your stress levels. Our windows can add noticeably to your quality of life in your home. Ask Magic Mike. He loves the quiet and more relaxing environment in his home since he added our windows to his whole house. He had a significant noise problem previously and now he has absolute peace and quiet.

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