Helping Communities Reach Quiet  

For decades, Soundproof Windows has been working on a soundproofing process that would reduce outside noise and create an environment for homes and businesses that was tranquil and quiet.

If you live in a busy city center, next to an airport, or a railroad, or even a construction site, it can be hard to relax in your home if you are consistently being interrupted by noise. Take for example the Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet.

This coalition was dedicated to making their communities ‘noise free.’ The process of creating a quiet zone took years of planning, discussions, public comments, and rigorous testing and improving of safety crossings, but in the end a Quiet Zone was implemented in Battle Creek which greatly improved the public safety and quality of life in the community.

soundproof community

The “Quiet Hero” award was given to the coalition from the Federal Railroad Administration for creating the “Quiet Zone” that eliminates the routine use of train horns signaling oncoming trains. In Battle Creek Michigan, this “Quiet Zone” covers 11 railroad crossings.

Do you live in an area that is polluted by noise? 

An estimated 36+ trains passed through Battle Creek’s downtown area each day for years disturbing residents, businesses owners and eventually began to impede downtown development. Battle Creek is not the only city that is effected by this type of pollution. Millions of Americans face disturbing noise daily that interrupts their sleep cycles and everyday routines. Creating a ‘Quiet Zone’ in your community is the best way to improve living conditions for residents in your area, and that’s where Soundproof Windows comes in.

Soundproof Windows has been called to install our soundproofing technologies in a multitude of different buildings. From historic landmarks, busy bus stations, hotels and large inner-city high rises, our soundproofing process has been counted on to create a quiet and noise free environment.

If you are considering building a “Quiet Zone” in your community, or would just like to reduce the noise in your own home or business, contact Soundproof Windows today.