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Noise Based Sleep Deprivation Linked to Obesity. Is a Possible Solution Your Windows?

RENO, Nev., December 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Noise is a known factor for a loss of sleep and new studies show that sleep deprivation is linked to increases in obesity. Most people need between seven and eight hours of uninterrupted sleep a day. Being in a noisy environment can reduce the quantity and quality of a person’s sleep cycle leading to a state of sleep deprivation. “There are some people who are more resistant to the effects of sleep deprivation than others,” says Stuart Quan, MD, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School’s division of sleep medicine. “Functionally, they’re okay, but metabolically, they may not be doing okay. The solution (to sleep deprivation) is not going out and drinking a couple of cans of... Read More →

The Link Between Noise Pollution and Heart Disease

RENO, Nev., October 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The stress of constant noise is much more than an annoyance or a cause for a lack of sleep. It has been independently linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease in a German study of more than 4,000 individuals. Experts now see that noise pollution plays a significant role in increasing certain contributors to conditions like atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries. To assess an individual’s risk for cardiovascular issues, researchers at the Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine used a measure of arterial hardening known as “thoracic aortic calcification” (TAC). When the data was complete, noise pollution was found to increase TAC scores by 8 percent. People who live near 24-hour businesses, like airports, truck stops,... Read More →

Health Risks of Noise Pollution Addressed by Noise Blocking Add-on WIndows

RENO, Nev., July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — It is a significant cause of sleep deprivation, stress, hypertension, and heart risk. The problem is noise pollution and it invades our work places and homes constantly. Recent studies published in Environmental Health Perspectives indicate that noise levels at night may also increase the risk of heart attack by chronically elevating stress-related hormone levels. It’s clear that noise adversely reduces people’s health and quality of life. Environmental noise is one of the major causes of disturbed sleep. Uninterrupted sleep is critical for proper physical and mental functioning in healthy individuals. Apart from various effects on sleep itself, noise during sleep causes increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, narrowing of the blood vessels, changes in respiration, cardiac arrhythmias, and... Read More →

LAS VEGAS, NV (Technology Today) April 2011 – Soundproof WIndows Inc., is Interviewed

Soundproof Windows, Inc., is interviewed about their recording studio windows and doors by Technology Today at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention. Contact us today for a free consultation.

A Decade of Silence Brought to you by Soundproof Windows

  In 1998, what started out as a desperate attempt to silence traffic noise turned into a crusade to bring peace and quiet to noise sufferers everywhere.   RENO, NV (PRWEB) December 16, 2008 — Ten years ago, Soundproof Windows Founder and President, Randy Brown, leased a house next to the 24 freeway in Lafayette, California. As he had just moved there from another state, he had no idea that it was one of the most heavily traveled commuter routes in the San Francisco Bay Area, but by that time, it was too late. “The noise was unbearable and I was unable to get out of the lease,” he said. Frustrated and sleep deprived, he spent countless hours of research and engineering to solve the... Read More →

Soundproof Windows Challenges Noise – Final Score: STC 57, Noise 0

  New noise testing results exceed all expectations for Soundproof Windows Company.   RENO, NV (PRWEB) April 29, 2008 – Recent extensive laboratory noise tests, performed on Soundproof Windows premier window products by the Western Electro-Acoustic Laboratory (WEAL) in Santa Clarita, California, have shown significant reduction of noise levels. This range is well over the norm for all window products. Approximately 60 standard tests involving different window configurations were executed over a period of three days. A leading window manufacturer’s windows were used as the primary window; testing was also performed on Soundproof Windows’ sliding glass doors. The industry established method of measuring how much sound is stopped by various building products is called STC (Sound Transmission Class). STC ratings are used for windows, doors,... Read More →

The “Biggest Little City in the World” May Also Become the Quietest

  Nationwide Soundproof Windows company moves to the Silver State.   RENO, NV (PRWEB) January 22, 2008 — The much anticipated move to Reno, Nevada, has finally happened for the previously California-based company, Soundproof Windows. After many years in the San Francisco Bay Area, the decision to relocate was made more attractive due to lower costs and the business-friendly climate in Nevada. Since the majority of the business is nationwide and not just in California, this move made even more sense. “We have increased our warehouse space by 50%, purchased a fleet of Dodge Sprinters, hired more people, and see this as a huge opportunity to increase our production capacity yet again,” said Soundproof Windows’ president, Randy Brown. “We are excited to be in this... Read More →

Icon Hotel, Houston, TX

In a move designed to improve the overall experience for guests at their luxury hotel, Soundproof Windows was invited in the fall of 2007 to help with this project by installing 340 soundproofing windows. The comment now most heard from guests is: “This is the quietest place I have ever been!” If Rockn Jazz doesn’t Rock you to sleep then there’s good news from Hotel Icon. Downtown Hotel Installs 340 Soundproof Windows to Improve Sleep Experience for Guests HOUSTON (October 31, 2007) – If the downtown Houston beat won’t let you sleep, then Hotel ICON has great news for you. As part of its commitment to providing guests with the most comfortable stay in downtown Houston, the hotel recently installed 340 soundproof windows. The new... Read More →

Dan Bernstein – Pane & Suffering

Published by, The Press Enterprise April 18, 2007 I never pegged March’s Joint Clown Act Authority and DHL for visionaries until Bernie Donahue sent me a copy of a postcard. “It’s a new twist on the 3 a.m. wake-up services,” he wrote. Soundproof Windows, a Bay Area concern, sent the postcard to Bernie’s Riverside abode. “Don’t replace your windows. Soundproof them. Reduce noise levels by 75-95 per cent.” Scott Ronsee, Soundproof’s marketing chief, says his company gets calls about “noise problems” ranging from parakeets to boom boxes. Planes? “An airport changing its flight path? Yeah, there’s a market.” (The DHL flight path, now charted six nights weekly, hasn’t really changed. It’s relatively new. And, to some residents, very, very old.) The Soundproof Windows biz... Read More →

New York Times Real Estate

Your Home SectionLaminated Windows Keep Out the Din By Jay Romano Published March 11, 2007 Excerpt GOOD windows keep out rain and snow, and better windows keep out cold, wind and heat. But most windows aren’t very good at stopping noise. …Do-it-yourselfers can buy custom-made soundproof windows from suppliers like in Fremont, Calif. Randy Brown, the owner of the company, said that home or apartment owners take their own measurements, following the instructions on the company’s Web site, and send them in. The company then makes the soundproof interior windows to the customer’s specifications, using quarter-inch laminated glass. “If you can use a power screwdriver,” Mr. Brown said, “you can install our windows.” He noted that in addition to reducing the noise, properly installed... Read More →