Health Risks of Noise Pollution Addressed by Noise Blocking Add-on WIndows

RENO, Nev., July 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — It is a significant cause of sleep deprivation, stress, hypertension, and heart risk. The problem is noise pollution and it invades our work places and homes constantly.

Recent studies published in Environmental Health Perspectives indicate that noise levels at night may also increase the risk of heart attack by chronically elevating stress-related hormone levels. It’s clear that noise adversely reduces people’s health and quality of life.

Environmental noise is one of the major causes of disturbed sleep. Uninterrupted sleep is critical for proper physical and mental functioning in healthy individuals.

Apart from various effects on sleep itself, noise during sleep causes increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, narrowing of the blood vessels, changes in respiration, cardiac arrhythmias, and increased body movement.

Secondary effects measured the following day include fatigue, depressed mood and well-being, and decreased performance. People who sleep in a noisy environment have a shallower and less restful depth of sleep. This creates more health stresses on the body.

Most homes are built to protect against heat and cold. Often, they are not effective in blocking out noise.

Studies of hundreds of offices and homes show that the most significant amount of noise comes through windows, not walls. While many people spend thousands of dollars on “sound proofing” the walls of their buildings, laboratory studies show that more than 90% of all the exterior noise comes in through doors and windows. Walls are almost never the problem.

Dual pane windows have been shown to be ineffective at handling noise issues. They are designed to handle heat and cold. The engineering needed for sound is quite different than for handling temperature. That’s why people looking for noise relief who simply replace their dual pane windows are often disappointed.

A solution that has shown to reduce noise levels by 75% to 95% is adding Soundproof Windows®. These are add-on windows which install quickly on the interior of a room. They blend with the window frame and dramatically reduce the level of outside noise that comes into the room.

“Our customers report that the noise reduction is life changing,” said Randy Brown, founder and president of Soundproof Windows, Inc. “Clients have said how much they enjoy the new extra ‘silence’ only moments after getting the new windows installed.”

The technology behind these specifically engineered windows is grounded in engineering sound-eliminating window systems for recording studios.

“We have taken recording studio window technology and applied it to the home,” said Brown. “That’s why these windows are so effective at reducing unwanted noise.”

Independent laboratory tests confirm noise reductions of 92 to 99% as verified by audio instrumentation. While the human ear cannot detect that level of precision, the difference in noise levels in a room is significant.

Each Soundproof Window is carefully crafted to fit the window or sliding door it will be enhancing. These are then easily installed. Many customers who are handy like to install the windows in their homes themselves.

Soundproof Windows have been produced since 1998 and are the most vigorously tested and verified sound proofing windows in the world.

Based in Reno, Nevada, Soundproof Windows serves customers located throughout North America. For more information about Soundproof Windows, Inc. go to:

The company is located at 4673 Aircenter Circle, Reno, NV 89502. (877) 438-7843

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