A Decade of Silence Brought to you by Soundproof Windows

In 1998, what started out as a desperate attempt to silence traffic noise turned into a crusade to bring peace and quiet to noise sufferers everywhere.
RENO, NV (PRWEB) December 16, 2008 — Ten years ago, Soundproof Windows Founder and President, Randy Brown, leased a house next to the 24 freeway in Lafayette, California. As he had just moved there from another state, he had no idea that it was one of the most heavily traveled commuter routes in the San Francisco Bay Area, but by that time, it was too late. “The noise was unbearable and I was unable to get out of the lease,” he said.

Frustrated and sleep deprived, he spent countless hours of research and engineering to solve the noise problem, and the Soundproof Window was born. “I knew I had come across something special when I could no longer hear any traffic noise in my own home,” Brown said. “With no need to replace the existing windows, our window is an affordable solution for stopping outside noise that really does work,” he adds. And ten years later, Soundproof Windows is still going strong with the highest lab tested noise reduction ratings in the industry.

To celebrate the 10th year anniversary, a special sale is going on now through January 2009.

“With the push to conserve energy and go green, our windows make even more sense because of their added insulation values,” Don Handlin, Chief of Operations, said. “Over 35% in energy savings has been reported by one of our commercial accounts, a well-known hotel in Houston, Texas.” He also mentioned that Soundproof Windows is coming out with a new line of recording studio windows and doors in Q1 2009.

Jim Rego, West Coast sales rep for Soundproof Windows, loves his job. “I do this because I really want to help people. Getting feedback from our customers and hearing how our windows made such a positive difference in their lives makes it all worth it.” A typical email he receives was recently sent from Scott B. (Washington):

“Blink’n awesome. Haven’t slept better!!! I had to be skeptical at first, but I am amazed at how effective Soundproof Windows are at cutting down the noise. A bus used to sound like it was in bed with me, now it is like a distant breeze….funny…kind of soothing now. As for installation… I must be a genius. I had the window in in less than 2 hours, probably an hour and a half. Just took my time. Great product. Well worth every penny!!!”

(professional installation is available nationwide)

Soundproof Windows will be at the American Institute of Architects National Convention and Design Exposition from April 30-May 2, 2009 in San Fransicso, California, and also the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 20-23, 2009.

Find out more about Soundproof Windows and soundproofing in general at https://www.soundproofwindows.com. The site also includes sample installations and customer comments. Or contact them directly, toll-free at 877-GET-QUIET (438-7843), 4763 Aircenter Circle, Reno, Nevada.

About Soundproof Windows:
Since 1998, Soundproof Windows has been a nationwide manufacturer of quality soundproofing windows and sliding glass doors for noise abatement, providing an alternative or enhancement to standard window replacement in residential as well as commercial applications. Their soundproofing windows and sliding glass doors reduce noise levels by 75% or more and are fully operable with excellent insulation qualities.