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Weichert Realtors – Solves insulation and noise problems for historic properties

Weichert Realtors
Since I have been involved in listing and selling dozens and dozens of historic properties over the last 25 years, I was really curious as to how you renovated the old home you purchased in town. Of course, like all homes built prior to 1900, your house would be very difficult to heat and air condition. Being so close to the road, I’m sure noise has had to be a consideration also.

Frankly, the solution you discovered with your “Soundproof Windows” is absolutely sensational. They have made the house much quieter, they have dramatically cut heating and air conditioning costs, and they have added significantly to the value of your residence.

The one striking issue I have to mention is, as I looked for the windows from the outside I couldn’t see them; and when I looked from the inside, I couldn’t see them either! Despite their utilitarian properties, you didn’t notice they were in the house.

Congratulations on your great find. I’m sure dozens of other owners of historic homes will want to learn about them, and as the Weichert Historic Home representative, I’ll send the brochure to the company.


Nancy Washington

P.S. Feel free to copy this correspondence to other Realtors, it can only help their clients enjoy their homes.