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Any owner or investor of an older residence would probably find the following story interesting ….

I was sitting in a car today in front of an historic home in the middle of town. The big property was very attractive but it was very noisy where I was parked. The owner took me inside and pointed out his new insulating windows. At first, I could barely notice them because they had been color coordinated and installed inside his old, streaked glass sash. What I could immediately notice was how quiet it was in his front rooms. The cars and trucks were sailing by, but once inside I could barely hear them even when I tried to do so.

What a terrific invention! They are very attractive, quiet and better insulated than the other, better known, thermopanes. Further, the unique design made it possible to install them without replacing the handsome originals. I’m sure they will significantly add to the value of any older property.


Nicholas J. Cuzzimano

P.S. I wish they were available 30 years ago when I first started listing and selling hundreds of older homes.