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Elysian Fields Inn

So sorry that I have not written back to you sooner. I had totally intended to write to you to let you know our experience with the windows.

They arrived just as scheduled and …. Your packaging is incredible! ….

I immediately got to work to do the install. I had phoned you with my one question and then went to work. The installation was surprisingly easy. The fit was good and the instructions were all that I needed. The color coded corners and the photos made it a breeze.

The bottom line is that they have certainly met our expectations. While not being completely soundproof, they have eliminated the majority of the sound from next door. We didn’t expect complete silence in a 150 year old house. We often had complaints or comments from guests in that room due to the music noise from the bar next door. Since the windows have been installed, we have had no comments whatsoever. That’s a good thing!

I appreciate your help and wonderful customer service. Your follow-up to your product says a lot. When we have the funds, you can be assured that we will be contacting you to soundproof the 50+ other windows that we have in the house.

Kindest regards and many thanks for your help.

Gregg Smith
Elysian Fields Inn