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Private Homeowner – Common Noise Problems


Your windows solved the noise problems in our bedroom/bath instantly. It amazes me that such a simple solution could have corrected our outside noise problem all these years. We moved into this house in march of 1978. Keep up the good work. If the word ever gets out, you will be flooded with business. Last summer we stayed at the Sheraton Hotel located right on the Frankfurt (Germany) Airport just a few meters from the loud, busy runways. However the hotel and its windows were soundproof, and you couldn’t hear a sound from inside even with two or more 747’s approaching and taking off nearby. That was the reason I searched for and found your website.

Greg and his helper were top-notch installers. Tell him that he left one of his red-handled screwdrivers on the bathroom sink. Just stop by and I’ll give it to him. I took his advice and exchanged the bathroom window 3/8″ “Wing-shaped” handle for a 5/16″ at Home Depot, and it fits perfectly over the bathroom window screw shaft.

Thanks again for your fine product.

Dave Bloxsom