In the Hospitality industry perception is everything


Let’s face it, in the Hospitality industry you have enough on your plate when it comes to improving your guests’ perceptions. Perceptions of your bedding, your food service, your shower heads, elevators, carpets, soaps. Even perceptions of the hairstyles your front desk personnel might be wearing that day. We know the list can go on for pages. If you were to make improvements to every guest perception fathomable, and didn’t do a thing about the noise coming into their rooms from the outside world, most of your work may be wasted completely.

Studies show that noise is “perceived” to be much louder, even if the noise levels are increased by seemingly small amounts. The actual impact on the individual can be huge with just the smallest increase to the noise around them. As each person is unique, so is their level of noise perception. But, when it comes to sleep, most all of us will agree that the noise made by a line of motorcycles passing all night, within 25 feet of your window, wouldn’t make for much of a restful evening. After all, that’s very loud for most anyone, regardless of your level of perception! If you were subjected to that level of noise for a straight 8 hours, you may suffer from some sort of hearing damage.

Not only can Soundproof Windows reduce the measured noise levels by up to 95%, the perceived noise level can be lowered by as much as 75%! As we all know, not only in the Hospitality business, but in everyday life, perception is everything! We helped hospitality organizations all over the US and abroad. How can we help you truly improve your guests perceptions?