Windows and Doors are the Noise Problem

Our soundproof windows are second windows placed behind your existing windows. Our windows insulate, stop drafts, soundproof and more. They open and close just like your existing windows, and offer more benefits than replacement windows – at a significantly lower cost.

Soundproof Windows has many satisfied customers. This section of our website details real-life situations where soundproofing and soundproofing windows have solved the noise problems of some of our residential and commercial customers.

If Your Goal is to…

Save Energy

It doesn’t matter that Soundproof Windows weren’t specifically designed for energy efficiency, they achieve it! Many customers contact us because they cannot replace their windows or do not wish to, but need to save on energy bills. One of our case studies, located in Reno, NV, where the seasonal temperature extremes range anywhere from the low 20s to the mid-90s, produce a rather astonishing energy bill.


This client discovered that by adding Soundproof Windows, which also act as energy efficient windows, they could pay for themselves by reducing his outrageously high energy bills. He decided to add our soundproof windows throughout the house to maximize the energy savings.

Check out his case study, here.

Freeway Noise Soundproofing

Are you trying to sell a home and just haven’t had any luck? It could be all that noise! One of our client’s, Mr. B, owned a beautiful home in Alamo, CA, that had everything, but every serious buyer that came through said they just couldn’t handle all the freeway noise next to home, and he had to take it off the market. Well? He called Soundproof Studios.


After installing Soundproof Windows, Mr. B’s house sold in just 21 days! And not a single visitor during that time mentioned any concern about the traffic noise.

If you want to stop noise for good, contact Soundproof Windows today!