Freeway Noise Soundproofing

Find out how Soundproof Windows helped this frustrated homeowner sell his home by stopping the traffic noise.

The Traffic Noise was too Loud

Please click on the photos below to see close ups.

A Typical Northern California Freeway

There was nothing wrong with the home other than being situated next to a noisy freeway with an estimated 67,000 commuters per day!

cs1_pic1_sm cs1_pic2_sm
A beautiful dining room, with a noisy freeway in the background. Rush hour traffic.
cs1_pic3_sm cs1_pic4_sm
View from the back of the house. Approach to the house from freeway.


Solution to Traffic Noise

Mr. B. decided to have Soundproof Windows installed and took the house off the market because of the traffic noise. As you can see from the photos, this was quite a job not only due to the sheer number of windows, but also because of the odd shapes and locations. Soundproof Windows came in, measured, manufactured and installed 21 windows and doors in record time.

cs1_pic5_sm cs1_pic6_sm
These windows were outside of the dining room and were a major source of traffic noise. Some windows were hard to reach.
cs1_pic7_sm cs1_pic8_sm
Even the skylights were soundproofed! This stained glass window also required soundproofing.


After Soundproofing

After installing Soundproof Windows, Mr. B’s house sold in just 21 days! And not a single visitor during that time mentioned any concern about the traffic noise.

Some comments by Mr. B:

“Absolutely would not have sold it without these windows.”

“It was THE reason we sold the house.”

“The windows made ALL the difference in the world.”

“Almost everyone loved the house both times it was on the market. But the first time everyone said the traffic noise was too much for them. The second time not one person even mentioned the traffic noise. What a difference!”

Mr. B. said he normally wakes up at about 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. The first night he woke wide awake at 5:00 a.m. …The same thing happened the next night.

He realized he was waking up early because he was completely rested and did not need more sleep. He then got mad, thinking about how, for the past 7 years, he could have had 1-1.5 hours more waking hours if he had installed Soundproof Windows sooner. “Do you realize that means I wasted 2500 to 3500 hours because of the traffic noise!!! I could have done a lot of things with all that extra time.”

He then said, “I will be calling you very soon to add your windows to the new home we just bought. Our new house is quiet, but now that I got used to not being able to even hear cars drive by, I want that extra quiet. Now I can hear the cars that do drive by – and I know now how much I like NOT being able to hear them. Give me a few weeks to settle in and we will be ordering some more windows.”

How to Stop Traffic Noise

cs1_pic9_sm cs1_pic10_lg
Some skylights after soundproofing against traffic noise.
cs1_pic11_sm cs1_pic12_sm
Living room window before and after soundproofing. Note that the blinds are between the old exterior window and the new interior Soundproof Window.
cs1_pic13_sm cs1_pic14_sm
Installing Soundproof Windows in the home office space greatly improved the quietness of the environment, making it a relaxing place to work despite the outside traffic noise.
cs1_pic15_sm cs1_pic16_sm
Additional home office photos after soundproofing.
cs1_pic17_sm cs1_pic18_sm
Soundproof Windows are installed on the exterior here on the back deck. Though not as typical as interior installation, this is just as effective in stopping traffic noise.
cs1_pic19_lg cs1_pic20_lg
Additional back deck photos after soundproofing.

Soundproof Windows can work for you to stop the traffic noise. Contact us today!