Why Our Soundproof Windows Work

For many people, the search has been a long one for a soundproof window that works, and is affordable. We started our company because the market wasn’t offering a decent soundproofing window, and we had a problem in our own home.
soundproof windows that work

Search after search, trial, and error, we found nothing that could actually solve our problem. We found that dual paned windows were sadly inadequate at stopping sound, so we set to work. After extensive research on the subject and years of testing, we finally designed a very effective soundproof window, blowing dual paned windows out of the water by more than 10x! In-field installations proved it reduced noise by 75%, and we couldn’t locate any other company that had the success that we had.

Soundproofing Since ‘98

Our product is unique in that it is designed so you do not have replace your existing windows. Soundproof windows rehabilitate your existing windows without having to remove or replace the windows in your home, making installation simple and fast.

While double pane windows stop more noise than a single-pane window, it is still not as effective as most clients desire. Our goal was not to muffle the sound, but to completely get rid of it, and that’s exactly what we did.

Double pane windows are two pieces of glass that are married within the same frame and vibrate together. The air space between the two does very little to slow the vibrations, and because the glass is typically quite thin, certain sound frequencies are known to harmonize with the glass itself, making the window ineffective at reducing even the smallest sounds.

Soundproof Windows work because we use laminated glass. The inner PBV layer of plastic stops vibrations, and the air space between the two windows (yours and ours) isolates the frame from vibrations.

If you want a soundproof window that works at the right price with little clean-up, call Soundproof Windows today and let us help you get back to life.