Soundproof Windows for Busy Hotels

soundproof windows for hotels

Noisy Hotels Are a Thing of the Past

It is all too common to stay at a hotel in a larger city, one you may not necessarily be familiar with, to find that your hotel is right in the heart of the bustle and you can hear EVERYTHING. For hotel owners, this is not only frustrating, but can really influence their bottom line. That’s where Soundproof Windows for hotels comes in.

Soundproof Windows does not remove or replace existing windows, but rather rehabilitates the existing hotel windows, and the benefits are many. Not only are Soundproof Windows approved for historical hotels, but we have never been turned down by any historical authority. Our windows work so well that our STC tests have shown an STC of 53 – 60 after install.

Soundproof Hotel Windows

Without replacing any of the existing windows, Soundproof Windows can eliminate up to 95% of the noise that patrons are experiencing in your hotel, and we can prove it. Soundproof Windows will personally send you test windows with your exact specifications to see for yourself before you buy.

Bigger picture, the return on investment is often paid back in 4 – 7 years on energy savings alone, as Soundproof Windows reduce the heating and cooling portion of the hotel’s energy bills anywhere between 15 – 30%. The additional layer of insulation over your existing windows helps mediate temperature and room comfort is substantially improved.

Soundproof Windows uses laminated glass and the inner PVB layer of plastic stops vibrations in their tracks. Further, our soundproof windows allow you to change the inside appearance of your windows without changing the outside appearance, and because they are available in a variety of different colors, our soundproof windows easily soften harsh colors surrounding it.

If you are a hotel owner and are looking to solve your noise problem once and for all, then contact Soundproof Windows today and let us help you with your hotel window needs.