What Type of Window Sound Barrier Is Best?

There are a variety of window sound barriers on the market that can reduce the amount of outside noise entering a room. Each option has strengths and weaknesses regarding ease of installation, aesthetic appeal, thermal insulation and noise reduction.

Eliminating or reducing sound from entering a room is a need that many of us have. If you work in an office surrounded by traffic, pedestrians and construction, it can be difficult to focus. If you’re staying in a beachside hotel or Airbnb, beachgoers may be preventing you from relaxing. Pretty much everyone with insomnia and many others with sleep troubles find it difficult to sleep at home when barking dogs, partying neighbors and passing cars are constantly producing noise.

In this article we explore your options for getting some peace and quiet.

Window Sound Barrier Options

Soundproof windows graphicOption 1: Soundproof Windows

General Description: Our soundproof windows are hands down your best option if you’re looking for long-term sound abatement in your room. Our expert technicians install our windows in front of or behind your preexisting windows in just a few hours, so there is no messy or lengthy installation process! Our windows enhance the aesthetic appeal of your room instead of detracting from it. They even come in a variety of colors. Due to the window layering technology we use, our windows offer the customer exceptional savings with heating and cooling. Typical windows have an STC (Sound Transmission Class) of about 27. The greater the STC rating, the more the window stops sound. Our soundproof windows have an average STC rating of 48, but many of our customers see STC ratings well above 50 once our windows are installed.

Ease of Installation Rating: A

Aesthetic Appeal Rating: A

Thermal Insulation Rating: A

Noise Reduction Rating: A

Option 2: Magnetic Window Seal Kit

General Description: These cheap kits get installed on top of your preexisting windows. The frame adheres to your window frame with magnets. The frames are often made of PVC and are not very durable. The inner material is often made of acrylic. The PVC and acrylic materials can appear cheap, and the required cleaning process can damage them. The color options are typically white and brown. These kits offer some thermal insulation, but gain, the magnetic seal is not airtight. The thin, non-laminated materials stop some sound, but not nearly the amount you would want in the long-term. Sound abatement with moveable windows increases from 24 STC to only 37 STC.

Ease of Installation Rating: A-

Aesthetic Appeal Rating: B

Thermal Insulation Rating: C

Noise Reduction Rating: C


Option 3: Clear Vinyl Panel

General Description: With this option, a clear vinyl panel gets applied to the preexisting window with Velcro. The frame must extend beyond the window itself to create a “proper” seal. Adhering Velcro to your window frame can leave a sticky mess. Vinyl panels, essentially plastic sheeting, look terrible on top of regular window. Don’t expect much, if any, thermal insulation. Noise abatement, too, is only about 26 STC.

Ease of Installation Rating: C

Aesthetic Appeal Rating: D

Thermal Insulation Rating: D

Noise Reduction Rating: D

Option 4: Acoustic Window Blanket

General Description: These are essentially dense blankets that adhere to your window frame with Velcro. The blankets must extend beyond the window itself to create an acceptable seal. The blanket completely blocks out light and completely obstructs use of the window. Some thermal insulation is possible, but again, it comes down to the Velcro seals. Installing the acoustic window blanket can be a real pain. Average STC ratings range between 29 and 33.

Ease of Installation Rating: D

Aesthetic Appeal Rating: F

Thermal Insulation Rating: C+

Noise Reduction Rating: B-

If you’re ready to invest in an easy-to-install, visually attractive, well-insulating, high STC window sound barrier,

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