Soundproof Window Installations 

There are quite a few options when it comes to soundproof window installations and we’re here to help you choose the right one. Soundproof Windows creates windows that can be installed directly by the customer or by us, whichever you prefer!

Most of our customers prefer an installer make a service call to their home, business, or hotel. Depending on your location, a talented member of our sales team will offer a recommended installer that they have worked with in the past that are trusted and knowledgeable.


Soundproof Windows sales representatives will always work with the customer to find the right installer to fit the business or home’s specific needs. As prices vary depending on the installer and the job at hand, our sales representatives work hard to ensure you are getting the absolute best price for the job being done.

Our soundproof windows have been used in high-rise apartments, hotels, busy city centers and historical homes and buildings. With our latest update to our soundproofing process, renovators and owners no longer need to settle or live with disturbing outside noise. Not only do our soundproof windows reduce energy costs, but adding the inner window provides an additional layer of insulation which will stop unwanted air infiltration through the window seals, all while putting a constant squeeze on the glass panels, preventing sound leaks and stopping noise from vibrating through the glass.

The first step in solving a noise problem is identifying where the noise is coming from. Studies of hundreds of offices and homes show that a far greater amount of noise comes from the windows rather than the doors. Even further, 90% of all exterior noise according to laboratory studies show that noise is coming through doors and windows, and walls are almost never the problem.

While double pane windows do stop more noise than a single pane window alone, they do not preform like soundproof windows, do. We use laminated glass, with an inner PBV layer of plastic that stops vibration in its tracks.

Ready to try it yourself? Contact Soundproof Windows today and let us show you why our windows are the industry standard.