Are Sound Deadening Windows Worth It?

Many have considered soundproof windows for their homes and offices but are unsure if they can justify the expense. More and more people are coming to realize that soundproof windows pay for themselves faster than expected. Rather than us citing the impressive results our windows achieve, we thought we’d lean on some of our loyal customers to help show you why sound deadening windows are a great investment.

Can Sliding Glass Doors Insulate While Acting As Sound Deadening Windows?

We look to G Martin for this one. Martin sought a soundproof sliding glass door for two reasons: insulation and reducing the volume of the neighborhood’s relentless barking dog.

Soundproof windows provide insulation testimonials

As you can see, Martin’s new door reduced heat loss through the door during the winter. The door also aided in protecting the home against unwanted summer heat. We love it when our customers tell us that our windows provide energy savings while increasing the comfort in the home!

In addition to the great insulation properties of Martin’s new sliding glass door, the door also completely eliminated the noise generated by that pesky dog. When you’re looking for noise reduction and instead you find noise elimination, how does that make you feel about a product?

Easy-to-Install Soundproof Windows Stop More Sound Than Brick

We hate hearing about rude installers, contractors and fixers. Some window installers fail to adhere to their appointment windows (if they grant the customer an appointment window at all). Other installers and contractors perform the work they said they would, but then they leave a huge mess behind for the homeowner to clean. This type of disrespect is unacceptable!

Carlos Guzman hired Soundproof Windows for a project, and we delivered an outstanding product on time and with no mess.

Clean installation for soundproof windows testimonial
One of the ways that we achieve such clean installations is that we do not remove and replace the preexisting windows! Instead, we install our soundproof windows on either the inside or outside of preexisting windows. We do this without altering the functionality of the preexisting windows.

Are you pretty handy with DIY projects?

Robert Guibord purchased some of our soundproof windows. He installed them himself at his office. Guibord upped the professional capacity of his office when the new windows reduced noise by 90%!

Soundproof Windows reduce noise testimonial
Guibord’s sound deadening windows were so effective that other members of his office complex purhcased our soundproof windows. Our windows were so efficient that Guibord determined that they beat out the thick, brick walls in his office when it came to noise transference!

If you’d like to save money on heating and cooling and you wouldn’t mind a quieter room and you want all that with an easy, mess-free installation, call us at 877-438-7843 to obtain your free estimate!