Have You Tried Everything? Try Soundproof

After the time we’ve spent in the industry, we tend to get quite a few people coming to us with frustrations and comments about ‘soundproof’ materials, ‘soundproof’ windows that aren’t ours, and a lot about STC Ratings.

The partial relief you might experience by replacing your windows is only a temporary solution at best.

The engineering needed for sound is quite different than for handling temperature. That’s why people looking for noise relief who simply replace their dual pane windows are often disappointed.

Stopping outside noise hotel


Some manufacturers don’t provide the STC rating for their entire window but instead only give the rating for the glass they use. Since the entire window needs to stop the sound, disclosing the STC rating of the glass alone gives an artificially high rating.

  • Soundproof Windows can reduce the current noise levels by 95% or by 75%, and both statements will be true: one is the instrument measurement, while the other is the perceived noise reduction. Additionally, depending on actual noise levels, the noise reduction may be perceived as 100%.
  • It is very expensive to get a perceived noise reduction of anything beyond 20% with replacement windows. The maximum available perceived noise reduction still does not exceed 50%. These numbers will not solve a noise problem.

Soundproof Windows do significantly MORE for significantly LESS cost.

Increase Your Property Value

Homes sell better if they have a quiet environment. We have many customers that vastly improved the values of their homes by adding soundproofing.

If you have a noisy approach to your home, but a quiet environment when you enter it, it is impressive to most home buyers and they do not dismiss your home as unacceptable as quickly as they will if it is noisy inside the residence.

Many customers credit our windows with selling their homes quicker and at a better price. A large number of our customers are buying from us because they did not realize how noisy their new home would be and greatly benefitted from soundproofing.

Soundproofing will give you an advantage over your competition as people definitely prefer quiet environments. Whether marketed as a “super-quiet environment” (no connotations of a noise problem) or a “soundproof environment” – our windows and sliding glass doors work.

Installing soundproofing can also help sell homes close to busy freeways and traffic areas. Find out more about how one frustrated homeowner was able to sell his home only after soundproofing against traffic noise.

Our experience indicates that 75% noise reduction is sufficient in almost all cases. Our customers feel the noise reduction is very significant – and definitely, enough to end the noise ‘problem’. No more need to raise voices or adjust TV volumes to tune out the noise.

Solving your noise problem is easier than you think. The next step is to talk with someone who can answer your questions and help create a solution that’s ideal for you. Call us toll-free at 877-438-7843, or fill out the Free Estimate form, or send an email to sales@soundproofwindows.com. We look forward to hearing from you.