General Customer Comments

General Customer Comments – Here are just a few of the many emails we’ve received from our satisfied customers


Just want you to know that the Soundproof Window arrived and we installed it. It is working wonderfully. From the time we unboxed the window and frame material to the time we closed the installed window it took us just two hours to have it done.

We are very satisfied with the product.

Robert V.
Marshall, TX


Received the windows, everything was received in good condition and the FedEx driver even wheeled them into my garage with his pallet jack. I’ve installed 4 of the 5 so far with no difficulty, and there is a noticeable improvement to stopping noises from outside! Watched the trash truck pull up and dump the trash through the new windows and could hardly hear it. Used to be able to hear the wind on stormy days, but cannot hear it at all now. Makes the whole house feel more solid! Amazing what extra information your ears add, even when you don’t want them to, to your situational awareness at home, so not hearing those extra noises makes the house feel not just more quiet, but more secure too.

‘Course as the website notes, deep bass sounds cannot be stopped, (nothing can stop them actually…that’s why we use Extremely Low Frequency [ELF] radio to do submerged submarine GPS and comms…)

Provided I do not move, I will likely order the downstairs windows next.

Thanks again!

Loveland, CO

Hello Jim,

We installed our windows and the installation was easy and seamless. The included instructions were easy to follow and afterwards my wife commented that they look much better than she was expecting. After monitoring the neighbors for a while we actually believe we are getting a perceived reduction in sound by 95-99 percent. Which leaves us with the desire to continue to move around the house treating more window openings 🙂

Thank you,

Queen Creek, AZ


Thanks for your great help on the windows! They have met every expectation and more. They have given us back our master suite with Peace and Quiet. Installation was easy for me and my wife with great instructions, extra hardware and foam tape. The noise reduction with the 3/8” glass is awesome and well worth the investment in our home and they look great installed. We will be ordering more in the future for the other rooms we want quieter. We would recommend these windows to anyone who is suffering with traffic noise in their home. Thank you SoundProof Windows!

Vince L.

Dear Jim,

I have been thinking of contacting you for months but just never got to it. I have the windows installed and they are performing beyond my highest expectations. It feels like a 90% sound reduction. All the professionals in neighboring offices are astounded when they come into my office and feel, not just hear, the difference they have made.

I am deeply grateful. These windows have turned what I feared was a mistake – the move to new offices – into a successful transition. Thank you!

Prior to my purchase one of the doubts I had was whether sound infiltration was through the walls as well as the windows. The fact that it is an old building with thick brick walls suggested to me that the weak point was the windows, and once I had the windows installed, that conclusion was confirmed. A review to the effect that if the problem persists after the windows are properly installed, that sound must be coming through the walls, would have assuaged some of my worries. Please let me know where I can write a review that would do the most good.

Warm regards,
Bob G.

Hey, Jim,

Ryan did the bedroom installation yesterday and the difference is transformative. Absolute bliss and even with another multiple news helicopter event downtown (a bicycle race) this morning, the bedroom was a sanctuary. That was the best test of your product and since we have those types of activities all the time in downtown LA, we’ll never again be disturbed.

Many thanks,
Pete D.
Los Angeles, CA

Hi Jim,

I wanted to pass on our appreciation to you and the entire team at Soundproof Windows for providing such a high quality product and professional purchasing experience. As you know, we did quite a bit of research prior to making our purchase with you. You have taught us so much about sound / noise management! Your patience with our questions and your professional follow up along the way was greatly appreciated. To have the end result be exactly as advertised was very, very gratifying. As a result, we will be ordering three additional soundproof windows this week.

From the folks in customer service who assisted with bumping up our delivery date, to the production crew who made our windows, and to the fantastic job done in packing and crating them, we are truly impressed and happy to be a customer of SoundProof Windows.

Charlie T.

A customer of mine from about 4 years ago. She’s moving and wanted to be sure to let me know how she felt about our windows! Thanks to all!

I have loved my windows and they made living in downtown LA a wonderful experience. Life would have been miserable without them. I have recommended them to many others.

Los Angeles, CA

Hi Jim and Ashley-

Once again, we are delighted with the quality and fit of your product. Door is installed on “mini-deck” as per your suggestion and we are very satisfied.
Thanks again for all your assistance and hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Best regards,
Eagle, ID

Hi Jim and Ryan –

Just a quick note on the windows at my home in Los Angeles… very nice job, they look great and are very well made. The sound reduction is substantial, and I’m very pleased. This is terrific, especially after having had such a bad experience with soundproof curtains. I’m very happy with how nice the windows look — not ungainly as I was worried — but very sleek and unobtrusive. I can definitely hear the major reduction in noise, and I think they’re about as quiet as I can get the windows to be in this area in proximity to a freeway. I still do get some noise, but that’s probably coming through the walls or ceiling/floor, and will have to be addressed in other ways. Nonetheless, I thank you for the excellent quality of the windows and they really do just what you promised — great sound reduction, about as quiet as possible.

Thank you again,

David Z.
Los Angeles, CA

Road noise is much lower now, down to the point where it’s easy to ignore. Glad I went with the heavy glass. It seems to spread the noise spikes out a bit which also makes it easier on the ears.

I measured about 10 dB full spectrum drop (roughly an 85% decrease) on my noise meter app from before the install to after.

Great job, Ryan! I appreciate the professional install and advice.

Thanks again,

Alex E.

Jim, we received our three windows and had them installed yesterday. My wife is particularly happy with them. They do make quite a difference.

George H.

THANKS!!!! We are happy with the speedy expedition of the order, the product and the install. Great working with you Randy and Jim. Happy with windows. NO NOISE, just the quiet sounds of outside. Really helped a LOT.

Robert & Marian N.
Auburn, WA


Just a line to let you know we received the windows quickly on July 9th. I didn’t get a chance to install them until this past Friday August 29th. I am now a true believer in your product. the Windows arrived as promised, properly packaged, and with all the instructions and hardware. The measurements were right on. And MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL THE WINDOWS WORKED! THANK YOU. …Thank you for an excellent product.

Pedro S.

I am the owner of a loft apartment in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. Soundproof Windows have added tremendously to the enjoyment of my property.

Club music down the street at night. No problem.

Metal grinders from the factory across the street. Only a soft buzz.

People socializing on the sidewalk under my windows. They are a world apart from the peace and quiet in my living room.

Everyone has a different tolerance for noise coming from the outside environment. For me, the knowledge that I can always relax inside without disturbance from noise is priceless.

I will also add that Soundproof Windows stands behind its product. When issues arise, such as the slight problem in measurements with one of the windows I’d ordered, Don and his installers were on it immediately, re-fabricating the window and getting it done perfectly. I highly recommend the product and service.

Satisfied customer in San Francisco

Yes!!!! Had my Soundproof Patio Door installed this morning. Waited until school bus time at 3:00 pm to really test it, and it’s a drastic improvement, as you predicted.

I’m so glad I found you.

Michael R.

Recent Feedback from a New York City Customer:

By the way, I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but we really do love these windows. The other day we were having breakfast and hadn’t realized they were jackhammering the sidewalk on our block until we opened a window. I related the story to our landlord who is visiting from Italy and who had been woken up at 7 by the work.


It has been a month since our soundproof windows were installed and the results are remarkable. We could immediately tell the difference as Ryan put the last of the 6 windows in place – the noise just disappeared!

Our house is on a hill overlooking what has become a very busy thoroughfare and we constantly heard the loud “zoom” of the cars below, and trucks or motorcycles sounded as if they were coming through the room.

Now that noise is gone and we seldom hear anything at all – and when we do it is a siren or a helicopter and the noise is distant and muted and barely noticeable.

Why did we live with all that noise for all those years and not do this sooner?

Finally, Ryan’s installation was perfect, his work was very neat, clean and timely and the windows look great.

You have my permission to send this to whomever you choose and tell them that in my opinion the product is excellent, the results were amazing and I am an extremely satisfied customer.

Thank you.
Newport Coast, CA

To Jack & the Craftsmen who work tirelessly to provide unmatched service and products,

I just wanted to write in and say that my wonderful new windows completely stopped my noise problem.
For months, I have been dealing with a pack of barking dogs that have caused me much stress and had caused me to want to sell my new home that I just bought 2 years ago. Jack had another alternative! In sales, a great motto that everyone should go by is, “UNDERpromise, & OVERdeliver!”. Jack did just that, he went above and beyond what I expected to get in terms of customer service, and final product delivery. Install was a breeze, and I am happy to say that I hear ZERO barking. They were installed and noise tested at night in order to eliminate any noises that may help drone out outside noises, and the windows passed with flying colors!

These windows are PRICELESS! The value that these windows have given me could not have a price matched to it! They are beautifully finished, the quality of craftsmanship is UNMATCHED!

To anybody reading this who is on the fence trying to decide on what company to use, what product to use: Let me give you a nice PUSH off of that fence! INVEST in these windows, you will not be disapointed!

A big thanks to Jack and the entire crew at Soundproof Windows!

Sleeping soundly in Villa Rica, GA,

Justin T.


In case I’ve forgotten to get back to you, I just want you to know I’m loving the windows! My husband installed them, they look great and best of all, my office is quiet!!!!
Thanks so much,

Diana S.

Hi Jack,

So far, life has been quiet here. This weekend, starting tonight will be the real test, as the rich college student weekend runs Thursday through Sunday night. Reportedly, there was one party last weekend but we didn’t hear it.

I reinforced the insulation around the patio door and I didn’t realize how good a job I did until I opened the door today and felt the noise physically bump me back into the house as it was just so startling. It is great!

The grass was greener yesterday. I think it was because I had had the first 6 nights in a row of uninterrupted sleep I’ve had since we moved into this house (2002). (Not counting, of course, the holiday week each Christmas when 10,000 people leave this 1.5 mile squared peninsula.)

I’ll get back to you on Monday morning, but so far, I am ecstatic!

Would you mind being put forth for an Grammy? Silence could be considered a classical composition.

With Gratitude,
Ms. Elliott
Charleston, SC

Hi Jim,
This is Raymond. I just wanted to say I really am enjoying my new window.

Our wonderful loud neighbors are outside right now with their darling children playing basketball and I can’t even hear the ball bouncing like I did before. Or the children screaming.

Once again thanks for giving me peace and quiet in this noisy subdivision I live in!


We are planning to order 5 more windows for our upstairs bedrooms.

I think that I can get tax credit if I order in January with new tax law.

I will keep you posted.

We love the windows we ordered.

Noise has been dramatically reduced.

Steve R.

Hi Jack,

I’m just writing to let you know that Andjeliko installed the windows yesterday and it’s wonderful. It’s amazing how quiet it is now. I very much appreciate your attention throughout this purchase and am glad to be a reference to other customers.

Kind regards,


Hi Jim,

The window works great.



The addition of the second soundproof window was definitely needed. I don’t even hear the sound of the air conditioning systems across from me anymore. As a result, it’s much easier falling asleep during the evenings. All of the windows and sliding glass doors from your company were a great investment. I’ll be sure to recommend any friends and family who need soundproof windows over to you.

Take care,


Hi Jim,

Good to hear from you. I am happy with the windows. They function as advertised and were easy to install. I now have no freeway noise… I have recommended your windows to others, and I will certainly purchase more windows if necessary.

Thanks again for the great service.


Hi Jim!

I just wanted to let you know how great we think the windows are! It is remarkable how well they work. When they are closed the only thing we hear from the busy road behind our house is coming through the walls (which is very, very little).

We will probably be looking for a few more – probably patio doors – in the next year or so.

We will definitely be in touch then!

Thanks again,

Chuck and Sheila J.


The windows are great. I’ve been spreading the word around re your services to my friends and colleagues. So far, no one has really had any noise problems, but I’ll definitely keep you in mind when someone calls for help re how best to control noise issues.

Hope all is well,


Hi Jim,

I’m very happy with the soundproof windows… They stop almost all of the noise…I’m sleeping like a baby in the bedroom.

Thanks again.


I love my soundproof windows. I can still hear traffic sometimes in the master bedroom, but it is probably coming through the walls and roof. They are over new double pane Pellas.

Thanks for the follow up.

Karen A.

Thanks for the update. I have passed on the information about your windows to many of my neighbors in Palm Springs. They’re all astounded at how much noise is reduced from the road!

Thanks again,


Subject: It’s too quiet!

I actually had trouble sleeping. I think I will adjust though. Here is a picture.


Joe H.

Subject: Peace & QUIET


I am writing this to express how pleased we are with the Soundproof Windows, which you recently installed.

We are in a charming 120 year old carriage house which used to be in a quiet courtyard, but is now a common way for several stores. There are several huge trucks each day, loading and idling 20 feet from my property.

My new tenants upstairs are massage physical therapists. The ability to “float-away-and-forget-it-all” and relax, was hampered by the sound of trucks and radios playing while the trucks were unloading.

I called Soundproof Windows, which I found on the web.

The windows are UNBELIEVABLE.

It’s as if you turned down the volume on the TV. The folks upstairs are so pleased as are their clients. I am happy to recommend the Soundproof Windows to anyone who wants to make their environment quieter.

A lot quieter.

Jay P.


Thank you.

We live about 100 feet from the Massachusetts Turnpike and I can’t say enough about the windows you installed in my home recently to decrease the noise from outside of the home.

I am now able to sleep soundly because of the windows and my wife is very happy with the appearance as that was her largest concern.

I will be calling you in the future for other windows to be done and thank you once again.


Michael and Elizabeth
Southboro, MA

Hi Jack,

I think I forgot to give you the final word on my window. Basically I LOVE it. No more voices, and a huge drop in street noise. My bedroom is my new sanctuary. I’d barely spent any time there before the window. I’ve since set up my desk, etc. so I can study and relax. I’m going to recommend the windows to people in my building.

Madison WI


The installation went off without a hitch. I installed the windows in the master bedroom and our daughter’s room yesterday and finished up with the guest room today. We had a very peaceful night of sleep and have played with having the new window opened and closed when a train’s coming by – it’s an incredible difference.

I can’t thank you enough for working with me and my family. The windows have already paid for themselves. Your service was fantastic and your patience was commendable.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend (even though you’re from Canada, ha ha).

I have at least one family that I work with who’s also interested in getting the windows (interstate highway traffic behind their home). He wanted to see them installed, so I’ll have him over in the next week or two to inspect these.

Talk to you soon and thanks again.

Mark B.

Hey Jim,

I got the windows last Wednesday.

Absolutely LOVE them. They are a lot easier to install than I thought.

I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me more in the future.

Thanks again!


From a happy customer. He put in twelve (12) of our windows.


I’ve installed the windows and caulked the edges. The sound reduction is night and day. The most difficult part of this process was getting the windows out of the well packaged crates.

Thank you.


Hello Jim,

Just wanted you to know that I received the windows yesterday and just finished installing window 1 for the bedroom inside my home. I did not have any problems and actually it was much easier than installing a shower door. Just noticed that I could not hear a gas powered lawn blower about 50 yards away, amazing! I would like to thank you for your assistance in this project.

Best Wishes,

Robert M.

Hi Jim,

I have all our new Soundproof windows installed and we are already enjoying more peace. I think this is going to make a big difference in our ability to weather all the changes in our increasingly urban neighborhood.

I want to thank you for the excellent response to the second shipment of windows. We also want to thank your production team for turning them around so quickly.

We have neighbors who are going through the same noise problems we are and are looking forward to a tour and demonstration in our house.

Thanks again for your help with our order.


Tom H.

Hi Jack,

I have installed the windows successfully. They work very well even when it’s quiet inside in the morning. They look attactive too! Now I don’t have to worry about my new born daughter being woke up during the morning rush hour. Thank you for the great product. I’ll definitely recommend it to my friends.



Mr. Rego,

I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful product! The window was delivered on Wednesday and we installed it that night. The install was a breeze!! Now my master bedroom is a place that I can enjoy being – without worrying about the horrible barking dog next door. I can finally sleep in peace! These windows are amazing! I will be ordering another shortly!

Thanks again!

Tina S.
Beaumont, TX

Phenomenal! I had the SPW installed in less than 30 minutes and I am completely impressed. The window knocked down about 80% of the traffic noise. I don’t know how the technology of the window works, but whatever it is keep doing it for my next 3 orders.


Mikel C.
Coos Bay, Oregon


Many thanks to you both and also to Alan, and his helper. Window is installed and working great.

As you recall, I had a chair rail that had to have a section removed to accommodate the brickmold. Alan insisted on the phone before arriving on doing this himself. As a result, the fit of the brickmold with the remaining chair rail is perfect.

Alan also helped us relocate the venetian blinds further back into the window opening so that the interior flange on the surface mount Soundproof window would not interfere.

The proof of the pudding is in how well my wife was able to sleep, with the seemingly unsolvable problems of several neighbor barking dogs. She said it was the first good night’s sleep she has had in a long time. As you recall, she is battling cancer and needs every bit of rest she can get.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are and also report that Alan is a very good installer and representative for your product.


Stan S.
Huntington Beach, CA


Just want to let you know how happy I am with the sound proof windows that Anjelco installed a few weeks ago. They fit perfectly, they look great, and the reduction in highway noise is remarkable. I estimate a 98% improvement over what I had previously. I’m telling my neighbors, who have similar noise problems, all about Sound Proof Windows. Consider me to be a very satisfied customer.

Best Regards,

John S.
Washington, DC


The sound proof windows that I ordered from you arrived in Oklahoma in perfect shape, and the installation went very smoothly.

The fit and finish of the windows and frames are excellent. I don’t have the technical means to precisely measure the sound levels now, but the quietness that the new windows provide at times seems “spooky”, and I have slept like a baby since they were installed.

I suspect sound proof windows are a real luxury that a lot of people would enjoy once they experience the effect. The superior design and quality workmanship of your products are exemplary and I am proud to show them off to my friends.

Thanks to you Jim, and the entire team at Sound Proof Windows.

Charlie M.
Bethany, OK

Hi Jim,

Last week we received our soundproof windows and I installed them. Amazingly the windows let in less noise than our insulated walls.

The installation was easy once I got the hang of assembling the frame.

— J.G.


Thanks very much. I think the windows look and work well, and Sean (the installer for the door) was very nice and professional.

I’ll definitely be calling you for my next house.

Take Care,



Last year, I purchased your sound proof windows for my coop in New York City. The apartment is on the 15th floor of Second Avenue and there was little or no noise suppression from the single pane glass windows. The noise from the trucks and traffic was so bad that my wife would sleep with earplugs. The windows that I ordered fit perfectly and it took more time to take the curtains down than it did to install the windows. Since installing the windows, which were less than half the price of your competitors, reduced the noise to a point that it is now a pleasure to sleep in the coop and the street noise is barely noticeable.

I thank you and my wife thanks you for manufacturing and delivering a good product. The windows do what you say they do!


Gary S.
Jamaica, NY

Dear Jim,

I received my windows on Saturday and installed them on Sunday.

Everything went pretty well. I studied the instructions carefully many times over and over before I began.

The guy that delivered the windows was really nice and gave me some very helpful hints about the installation… I am glad he gave me some advice because what he told me worked great.

I am ready to fax you another order for three more windows.

Thanks for your help.

Wayne N.
Carlsbad, CA