Dual Pane Windows

Important Information About Dual Pane Windows

…and What Can be Done About Them!

Dual Glass Windows are a Maintenance Time-bomb

If you have them…Soundproof Windows can double their life expectancy! If you don’t own dual pane windows, we can help you avoid them!

Life Expectancy of Dual Pane Windows

Guarantees aside, the life expectancy of dual paned windows is less than 15 years. This number represents a reasonable life expectancy of the best dual pane windows.

Guarantees are a serious concern within the glass industry. It is either a huge liability for a company or it is a guarantee of repeat customers, depending on how the guarantee is written. Given the true life expectancies, you will be replacing all the glass and/or the windows after 10-20 years.

There are two exceptions where you may not be replacing your dual paned windows as soon:

  • If you live in a very mild climate (like the California coastal areas) where the seals are not as stressed
  • If you “insulate the insulated glass” with a second window system like Soundproof Windows. Secondary windows reduce the stress on the IGU (Insulated Glass Unit) seals. These will also act as insulating windows.

Soundproof Windows are better than dual pane windows

Why Seals Fail in Dual Pane Glass Windows

The cooling and heating of the IGU(Insulated Glass Unit) expands and contracts the seals. Over time the weakened seal will fail. When it fails, moisture will migrate into the middle of the IGU and cloud up the window, and the only corrective action is replacing the glass or the window. Freeze-thaw cycles and other severe temperature changes determine how fast the IGU window seals break. In mild California climates, the seals may last a long time; with Chicago or east coast winters,for example, they fail too often and too quick.

Why have Dual Paned Windows?

Because of energy conservation. Single pane windows waste extreme amounts of energy that the country cannot afford to consume. Even if dual pane windows need replacement every 10 years, the energy saved will easily pay for new ones.

If You Have Dual Pane windows, We Can Double Their Life Expectancy

Using Soundproof Windows with dual pane windows will double the life expectancy of the window seals. The reason for this is simple: the heating/cooling cycles that damage the seals are reduced significantly because of the second insulating window. The temperature variations are reduced by 50%. Studies indicate that the life expectancy will be doubled.

If You Don’t Already Own Dual Pane Windows, We Can Help You Avoid Them

Building codes in almost every community require you to replace your windows with insulating windows. By having a two-window system, you have an insulating window system that does (or should) qualify. In most communities, our windows will be readily accepted as qualified insulating windows.

Dual pane windows that do eventually fail can be replaced with single paned glass when in combination with our soundproof insulating second window. Then you will have an insulating window system that will last for over fifty years.

Please see our Replacement Windows or Aluminum Vs. Vinyl Windows page to further learn how Soundproof Windows can work for you.